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I'm a fan with a massive opinion about the sport I love so much, MMA.

I have been featured at Foxsports.com http://msn.foxsports.com/boxing/story/9455324/Preview-of-UFC-97 and hope to continue on this path.

I'm alos Co-Community Leader of the Regional MMA page and would love for everyone to help me and Nick Colon rep the local MMA event

I'm a recent grad of the U of Houston-Clear Lake with a BA in History, and plan to teach the youth of America. Scary right? I'm hoping to use my love of MMA in my teaching but haven't figured that out just yet.

Fav fighters of all time is Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Shogun Rua, Rampage, and Wanderlei. Current new fav is Damien Maia. That dude is sick on the ground.

I have an bad ass family with two pimp boys and a wife who loves to watch MMA with me. Its sort of becoming a family thing.

I write for fun but take it serious when it comes to my opinion. If you read something you like let me know, if its something you hate, to bad.

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  • Alabama Voodoo posted 2897 days ago

    Alabama Voodoo

    Voodoo returns with another classic with the following article/slideshow


  • Alabama Voodoo posted 3005 days ago

    Alabama Voodoo

    Hey Bro hope all is well

    It's time to ask yourself do your suffer from the Crimson Tide Stain? Obviously you dont but I wonder if our good friends Larry and Franklin are suffering from such a terrible illness.




  • Anthony Ascue posted 3008 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    The fantasy pool results for UFC 103 are here! And boy oh boy are the changes big!!!

    New leaders and new big name free agents on the market. Come and see where you stand and who is available for the picking!


  • Anthony Ascue posted 3010 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    So which trade did you want to finalize? Please get back to me asap.

  • Anthony Ascue posted 3010 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    Yeah, but you can only get one of those deals done for this month. Unless Roger Huerta is officially not under contract from the UFC, you're transaction cap is one trade per month.

  • Anthony Ascue posted 3010 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    Hey, the fantasy pool has been updated. Check to see who's moved up and who's gone down!


  • Anthony Ascue posted 3017 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    Hey bro, when you get the chance to, check out my latest article!


    Comments appreciated. Let me know what you think,


  • Anthony Ascue posted 3029 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    It's that time again. Check to see where you stand in the latest MMA fantasy pool update!


  • Anthony Ascue posted 3035 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    Hey man, when you can check out my new article. Feedback appreciated. Thanks and hope you enjoy. Cheers!