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My name is Casey Durkin, but you can call me... I really wish I had a cool nickname, but alas, I do not, so Casey Durkin will have to do for now. I am an avid sports fan, in particular when it comes to fantasy sports, the Green Bay Packers, New York Yankees, and Virginia Tech Hokies. I currently write for two of's prestigious blogs, the Ebony Bird, and Lombardi Ave. The Ebony Bird is geared towards everything Purple and Black and Raven-y. Lombardi Ave is essentially made out of cheese, meaning that it is a Green Bay Packer blog. I love my work there and I invite you to check those out.

I am an incoming Junior at Towson High in Maryland where I play baseball and football and I am also involved in the theatre program and the scool newspaper. All of this is in preparation for my future career, as a sports journalist/broadcaster. In order to hone my skills as a broadcaster, I sit by my window and narrate the people passing by. Creepy isn't it? It would be even creepier if I actually did that.

I love long walks near the beach, but not directly on them. The mist of the ocean and the cool breeze is nice, but sand in my shoes is a horrible thing. I hate sand, it sticks to me and it can burn my feet if I am not wearing my shoes. One more interesting nugget, I enjoy performing Ray Lewis' dance upon entering elevators and I have also been prone to Lambeau Leap into newsstands.

Contact me because I am lonely:

Twitter: CaseyPaulDurkin

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    Hey Casey,

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