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antonio lopez

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  • Charlie Nnamani posted 2380 days ago

    Charlie Nnamani

    Thanks for the fan add.

  • Samuel Mensah posted 2382 days ago

    Samuel Mensah

    I see what you mean now about writing for bleacher. If you want to write an article free hand you can right? On your home page just go to write, along the top heading and you dont need to go through the application part.

  • Samuel Mensah posted 2383 days ago

    Samuel Mensah

    Hi mate glad to hear about you writing an article, can't wait to read it. As for this application stuff I don't know what you are talking about I signed up ehen this place was easier to use and navigate.

    Trust me it used to be so easy to see other articles and comment but they have made the pages too strict, almost like only the head writers can do well on here, it's silly.

    As for your predicament I really don't know what you are talking about. I thought it was as easy as just writing and publishing the article.

  • Samuel Mensah posted 2384 days ago

    Samuel Mensah

  • Aditya M S posted 2390 days ago

    Aditya M S

    Cheers for the fan add.