Tim Key

Tim Key


My name is Alexander Baylis and an aspiring engineer at Virginia Tech (who secretly wants to have a job in the NBA, but don’t tell my parent’s wallet that) and an obsessive fan of the game of basketball. My passion for basketball was developed in my drive way when I would have some mock shoot-arounds 2-3 times a day, but even-though I was horrid and shot only 30-40%, the game still invoked a sense of happiness and accomplishment despite my failure to be perfect. This sense of fun coming out of imperfection has not been common in my life as I am the type of person who is upset when given a B or when I give up a game in tennis, but basketball seems different for some reason.

Then my ass moved back from outside and onto the couch where I started to watch the NBA in the end of 2005, but I can remember the 06′ Finals like it were yesterday when D-Wade put on the best series-long performance that I have seen since I started watching the NBA. I loved his passion, his excitement, and his character after the series was over and Miami had won the league trophy. I felt like a personal connection was born between me and the players as they were right there across the televison screen, wearing only tank-top jerseys and simple shorts. The combination of the uniforms and the 10 player limit of players on the floor at any given time makes the game of basketball much different than any other sport, as the casual viewer (which I was back in the day) will find it much easier to connect with a professional basketball player than a pro-football player who is wearing 15 lbs. of pads and most likely outside of the viewable television screen as a team of eleven is spread across a 100 yard long field.

I have been a committed and avid fan of basketball and especially the NBA ever since the 06′ Finals and I can never get enough of not only the game, but the back stories behind every player, coach, general manager, and owner. My obsession with all of the little things inside and outside of the game comes from my analytical way of thinking, which will leak into my style of writing and my decision making, as you have read that I will become an engineer in the years to come.

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