1. Meet Me To the Punch: Where Are the Challengers For the UFC Champions?

    The UFC has come a long way since it's humble beginnings, and MMA fighters have continued to evolve along with the UFC and other MMA promotion's. The UFC was very raw when it began; bare-knuckles, no rules, no rounds, tournament style...

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  2. Anderson Silva: Future Opposition

    Anderson Silva will face Forrest Griffin at UFC 101, a fight that has gotten many fans talking immediately. This co-main event already looks to be overshadowing the lightweight title fight between Penn and Florian...

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  3. Shane Carwin: Courage Under Fire

    UFC 96 was a great card (which wasn't expected to be so great). Over half the fights ended with KOs, which I'll take over a card full of decisions any day...

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  4. MMA Vs. Boxing: The Fighters and the Writers

    So last night I was bored at work (I work retail, so apparently Christmas equals us staying open til 11 PM instead of 9 PM...

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  5. Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida: A Risk Worth Taking for Both

    Many have been left scratching their heads following Randy Couture's loss to Brock Lesnar. We've been left to ask ourselves, "what's next for Randy Couture?" Let's discuss a path that may be ...

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  6. Houston Alexander: Are His 15 Minutes Up?

    At UFC 71, we were all dramatically introduced to Houston Alexander. It never hurts your exposure having your first UFC fight on the PPV card with Liddell vs. Jackson, and Alexander did not waste his chance to get our attention...

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  7. Rich Franklin's move to LHW at UFC 88

    On September 6th, Rich Franklin will move back up to the Light Heavy Weight division, and his first test will be Matt "the Hammer" Hamill. If you look at Rich Franklin's resume, it is quite an impressive one...

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  8. Jon Fitch Prepared to Defeat Georges St. Pierre at UFC 87?

    At UFC 87 Jon Fitch is going to challenge St. Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Championship. Fitch has an awesome record of 21 wins and only two losses. He's also coming off of an eight-fight winning streak in the UFC, winning every single fight thus far..

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