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I feel too lazy to write a proper bio right now but I had to delete my old one as it was getting stale. Anyway, I continuously keep changing my name so for some people who must be wondering who I am or was, these are some of my aliases :-

Dean Ambrose is Gonna Screw The MITB Pay Per View
I have nothing left but AJ now
I Miss Punk
Welcome to the reality era
Just Another Mark
Please No, Don't Pick On Me Guys
I hate BR's new look
Seth Rollins had me in orgasms at EC
Where is Andy Soucek and his negativity
You either die a casual or you live long enough to see yourself become a mark

Sometimes even my fans think they don't know me, lol, can't blame them.

I started watching WWE continuously pretty late (Summer of Punk, to be exact), so yes, I will admit, I don't know much about the past legends, and that is why I keep out of discussions involving them, and learn about them silently.

I have a very few favourite wrestlers (Punk and Rollins), but I like and admire many others, some of them are:-

Dean Ambrose
Antonio Cesaro
Sami Zayn
Adrian Neville
Daniel Bryan
AJ Lee
Dolph Ziggler
The Rock of old
Brock Lesnar
I hate arguments like "if you don't like it, don't watch it". This is just the weakest argument there ever could be. I am also fed up of the following debates :-

Bashing and defending Cena ( I dislike the character very much, but I am sick of the same arguments now)

Punk walking out- whether it was right or not, we don't know the details and yet we form assertions as if he is our best friend.

Punk's title reign and why it was crappy, whether he was treated poorly as a champion or not !!

Title unifications debates

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  • Australian posted 5 hours ago


    Hey mate. How have you been?

  • Tonks Lupin posted 3 days ago

    Tonks Lupin


  • Bigby posted 3 days ago


    hiiiiiiii i am the sheriff

  • Olli Seppala posted 4 days ago

    Olli Seppala

    Your name...epic.

  • No Longer Bad News Barrett posted 5 days ago

    No Longer Bad News Barrett

    Well, I'm afraid I've got no news.

  • Australian posted 6 days ago


    Sorry for the late reply. Kyrgios was praised for his efforts after his QF loss. Hopefully his Wimbledon performance gives him some confidence in the future.

  • Bo Dallas posted 8 days ago

    Bo Dallas

    Keep bOing a preacher of bleacher. And BOlieve.

  • Australian posted 10 days ago


    Hey bro. How's things man? Still trying to believe Kyrgios beat Nadal! Dude... What a moment. It's all Australian media has talked about today.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 10 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    '' I get it, we all get it, that you don't like Cena. You can't stand him. And many more are tere. Like Vkat, Rafa, Jay park, Andrew Economus, but each and every da, spewing hateful comments about that, what purpose does that serve except give you some likes? That just incites the hate and anger and frustration, instead why not watch and talk about what you like? Yes, we can also talk about what we don't like, but it gets too much sometimes, and it gets more frustrating because other than spewing hate on online forums we can't do anything. And yes, I stream and all blah blah blah, I don't watch his segments and matches. Great. But I enjoy something else too, and that I watch and yes I put money in WWE's pocket by buying Punk;s tees and DVD and Bryan's tees too. Our choices.''
    I like Bray Wyatt, the bad ass Shield, Big E, Damien Sandow and certain concepts.
    Guess what???? The new breed/players I like... usually get fed to the monstrous
    laughable machine, Mr. Fruity. This is exactly why you see so many disliked posts.
    And it's not like I'm ( we're ) wishing death on the man. Seriously, we just need his
    goofy, stale bread ass to reposition himself and shine the light on the rest of the
    guys. I truly want the WWE to improve, raise their level and please... ALL FANS,
    not just insane casuals and kiddies. John Cena selfishly concentrates on reaching
    God mode status, blinded by the fact, he's easily reached it since 2010. The clues already rained down that John Cena only cares about... John Cena and his legacy, surpassing Hogan, Savage and especially Rock ( the legends ) ! The company have mercilessly shoved down our throats that he's undoubtedly, the GREATEST OF ALL TIME. Did you hear Michael ( stupid ass ) Cole? Excuse me... but countless users
    post what they want, expressing their feelings/opinions about the situations,
    stories, individuals and article pieces. So... what purpose does that serve? Getting
    the message ( s ) across. Discussing Cena ( ripping him apart ) is no different than
    any faceless user... commenting about Justin Bieber, The Kardashians, AJ Lee,
    the sky, racism or Jesus Christ. Sorry... but we can't all embrace the Cena era,
    camping out, sitting together, singing Kumbaya! Dude, it just doesn't work that
    way. And you're wrong. We can already do something... always! Sure, the WWE
    continues serving the same old crap. But eventually, they gotta wake up and
    realize their business... is not even close to the incredible greatness it previously

  • Donovan Griffin posted 10 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    '' Oh wow, I had even forgotten I had you mentioned in my bio, that was long time now. No you are not annoying because of your anti-cena comments. Many people do that, even I used to do it at one time. Now I just ignore him. But I clearly remember you and Andre Economus telling people that you two have flagged them if you didn't agree with them, hence I wrote that. it was a long time back, I don't see you doing this now. Will remove it.''

    Bullcrap!!!! I never flag users... unless they viciously attack me. Disgusting trolls shouldn't be tolerated. So... do I heavily criticize God mode John Cena? Ya damn right! And my points are ( indeed ) valid. The problem is simply this. Zombie Cena supporters ( Rainbow squad ) foolishly believes everyone should go with the flow and accept, repetitive garbage.