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Sorry guys, I am on a hiatus these days, because of my job. Don't know when I will return. Really missing all the discussions and the trolling and the fun on the forum. I keep visiting from time to time as a silent observer. Nevertheless, I have somehow managed to watch all the RAWs and SMACKDOWNs and NXT episodes. This love is too strong to be thrown away like that.

I feel too lazy to write a proper bio right now but I had to delete my old one as it was getting stale. Anyway, I continuously keep changing my name so for some people who must be wondering who I am or was, these are some of my aliases :-

Dean Ambrose is Gonna Screw The MITB Pay Per View
I have nothing left but AJ now
I Miss Punk
Welcome to the reality era
Just Another Mark
Please No, Don't Pick On Me Guys
I hate BR's new look
Seth Rollins had me in orgasms at EC
Where is Andy Soucek and his negativity
You either die a casual or you live long enough to see yourself become a mark

Sometimes even my fans think they don't know me, lol, can't blame them.

I started watching WWE continuously pretty late (Summer of Punk, to be exact), so yes, I will admit, I don't know much about the past legends, and that is why I keep out of discussions involving them, and learn about them silently.

I have a very few favourite wrestlers (Punk and Rollins), but I like and admire many others, some of them are:-

Dean Ambrose
Antonio Cesaro
Sami Zayn
Adrian Neville
Daniel Bryan
AJ Lee
Dolph Ziggler
The Rock of old
Brock Lesnar
I hate arguments like "if you don't like it, don't watch it". This is just the weakest argument there ever could be. I am also fed up of the following debates :-

Bashing and defending Cena ( I dislike the character very much, but I am sick of the same arguments now)

Punk walking out- whether it was right or not, we don't know the details and yet we form assertions as if he is our best friend.

Punk's title reign and why it was crappy, whether he was treated poorly as a champion or not !!

Title unifications debates

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  • Australian posted 1 day ago


    Loved the whole show my friend. Great entertainment. Lesnar v Cena... Wow! Didn't expect a total annihilation like that. Very surprising! It was cool. Made Brock Lesnar look like a true unstoppable beast.

  • Randy Norton posted 9 days ago

    Randy Norton

    No Problem.

  • Randy Norton posted 9 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Welcome Back.

  • Australian posted 10 days ago


    Si! Si! Si! from my living room...

  • Australian posted 10 days ago


    Absolutely shocked mate. Really disappointed. The WWE just won't be the same.

  • Australian posted 21 days ago


    Hey mate. Good to have you back. Summerslam should be an absolute rib tickler!

  • Bad News Barrett posted 21 days ago

    Bad News Barrett

    Good to know.

  • Bad News Barrett posted 34 days ago

    Bad News Barrett

    Why did you stopped preaching?

  • Donovan Griffin posted 36 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    '' I never said I embrace the Cena era man. I only watch his high profile matches because of the other guy. Usually I change the channel when his segments or silly matches come on.''

    Short summary. I can't stand John Cena. Apparently, you can't stand John Cena.
    So... what's the problem? LOL XD!

    ''You say that we can always do something, always. I would like to know what that is.''

    Find another alternate, click off when Cena appears, voice harshly our opinions,
    positively root for upcoming ( blazing ) talent ( like Punk, Daniel Bryan and Dolph
    Ziggler. Just let the WWE understand how pathetic John Cena truly is ) fling trash
    at trash ( John Cena ) among others solutions. Now, these moves... may not
    successfully work... but we can't be mindless slaves, accepting whatever the
    WWE serves out.

    ''And people who go with the flow and accept everything that WWE throws at them are usually kids, females or casuals.''

    My point exactly. So listening to them, defending the product and John Cena... is
    definitely laughable and inaccurate. They are CAUSAL FANS ( seriously ) ... the
    worst kinda ( spectating ) fans to latch onto.

    ''you can't really blame them, because of their less developed minds, obviously they will believe what they see. Many females are their moms. And the casuals just are not into the wrestling like we on here are, so they don't give a sh*t. I am pretty sure they don't even follow the product on a regular basis. If they start doing that and start posting on sites and all, they won't remain casuals anymore. And everybody can't be marks or smarks. Which we are. And I accept that.''

    In today's computerized world ( with App and sites ) that's very, very sad children
    are believing... that John Cena can fly. Sure, it was understandable in the 80s.
    But... in 2014? C'MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My anger/disgust is directly aimed
    at WWE creative and Vince. If they wanna continue the SuperCena character...
    that's fine. But please... reposition the guy. Simply put... STOP SHOVING THE
    BASTARD DOWN THE PEOPLE'S THROATS. Sweet cream on a bagel, John
    Cena doesn't have to be... THIS DOMINANT!

  • Australian posted 39 days ago


    Hey mate. How have you been?