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Greg Kabar

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Greg remembers watching Australia win the Americas Cup, remembers our Prime Minister saying any boss who sacked a worker for not turning up today was a bum. Remembers watching Benny Elias hit the cross bar in the 89 grand final and crying. He remembers Steve Waugh making the Australian Test team. He remembers the absolute look of joy on Schallaci's face as he scored goal after goal in the 1990 world cup. He remembers the Bad Boy Pistons, Leeds pipping Manchester in 90/91 and remembers how big a factor these moments played on his life. Growing up in Sydneys greater west and being a member of the same high achieving high school as Steve and Mark Waugh and Ian Thorpe, Greg remembers the thrill of an upcoming ashes series. Remebers staying up to watch the F.A cup, remembers being alone in cheering the Pistons against Jordans Bulls, remembers Australia winning the olympic games. How could sport not be a part of his life.
Endless debates with mates lead to a lead role on the local radio station in 2006 as there World Cup Guru, and it's as the Guru that Greg has been forever known.

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