Ann Frazier

Ann Frazier


Hey, I'm Ann, seventeen years old and a high school senior from San Jose. Currently, my life revolves homework, college apps, and whatever thing I obsess over at the moment, which changes pretty frequently. I have a rather unhealthy love for television and movies, although I get to see fewer of the latter than I would like. I have been a San Jose Sharks fan ever since their inception, and a former San Francisco Giants fan that sort of ignores baseball for the large part.

Media, specifically the screen variety, is a large part of my life. My favorite television shows are the Daily Show, the Colbert Report, House, Grey's Anatomy, That 70s Show, Whose Line, Smallville, and Friends - Smallville being my guilty pleasure of the bunch. Friends is by far my favorite, seeing how I have entire episodes memorized, even one in French ("TOW the Embryos," if you must know). Frequently, I write reviews for Smallville, although the quality of the recent episodes have not been very encouraging. I also love movies; with Back to the Future, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Dr. Strangelove, Enchanted, A Hard Day's Night, Miracle, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Die Hard topping my list. Obviously, I'm not big on the rom-coms, as many of my friends are. Give me action any day! Although I do have a weak spot for any Disney movie.

While I tend to like most of the Top 40 hits, the songs that often resonate most are ones that were written years before I was born. Hence my love for Aerosmith and the Beatles (but really, who doesn't like the Beatles?). One of my proudest accomplishments this past year was my memorization of Billy Joel's catalogue-like song "We Didn't Start the Fire", as well as the ability to pick it up at any point. It really helped me get through some tough tests.

I am practically synonymous with procrastination, but I cannot stand to turn in anything late. Its something of a paradox. My neuroses make me have to do something in one sitting, which makes large projects extremely hard to do. I get a lot of my news from late night television and celebrity tabloids- but that doesn't mean I'm not well-informed. I obsessively search Google News for articles about my latest interest, and then read all of them. And then I get annoyed that there aren't any new ones. I often go off on weird tangents about something that I thought was funny, a lot of times pertaining to something that I just watched.

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  • Bryan Goldberg posted 3474 days ago

    Bryan Goldberg

    Wow, I had never heard the term "Rom-Com" until I read your bio. Not sure that I know what to do with it now, since I don't really ever watch those kinds of movies or talk about them, but at least I know the word exists.

    Also, what's Enchanted doing alongside Die Hard, Batman, and Indiana Jones?

  • Ken Armer posted 3474 days ago

    Ken Armer

    Hey Ann, Welcome to Bleacher Report.

    My names Ken I am one of the NHL section community leaders on here and I just wanted to welcome you and tell you if you had any questions or comments to drop me a line on my profile or at

  • Greg Caggiano posted 3474 days ago

    Greg Caggiano

    Hey thanks for your pick of the day vote!