Bruce Fleming

Bruce Fleming


My name is Bruce I'm what you young folk might call Old school. I was born in and raised in Philly back in the 60's. I began my life and love of wrestling back in the Bruno days as I like to refer to them. My life was difficult early on, my family had little money so I was forced to work at an early age due to my families financial difficulties. I started work at age 11, from there I managed to help my father and mother raise my younger brother. My parents were good hard working people hampered by the burden of an autistic child, they did there best.He was difficult to say the least. I started collecting wrestling magazines at an early age. We had little money so I would walk to the Pennsauken Mart a little more than 18 miles. I know it sounds far but for me it was exercise. I was an exceptional wrestler at my high school Northeast High in Philly, unfortunately my parents were struggling with bills so I was forced to pursue a career in Accounting. My brother was the main reason I was left to pick up the slack for my parents and it wasn't easy at first. I knew my parents wanted the best for him so I paid for his tuition at Penn state University. He attended College for 7 years only to get a job at 7-11.This was hard to deal with for me and my family but we understood what needed to be done. To make along story short Accounting has been good to me, I've become the Patriarch of our family and have since changed are name to distance myself from my brother. I Love wrestling and all that comes with it. Thankfully yours Bruce Fleming Accountant/Wrestling Manager

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  • Josh Matt posted 1856 days ago

    Josh Matt

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  • lou pavoider posted 2118 days ago

    lou pavoider

    ...hey Fleming, where've you been ? Heard a rumor that you and Mike F. eloped.

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    Dan Power

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  • Doreen Hines posted 2648 days ago

    Doreen Hines

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