I have been a Bay Area sports fan since I was a very young kid. My favorite professional teams are the 49ers, SF Giants, Warriors and SJ Sharks. I am also a Cal alum and a big fan of Cal athletics. I coach basketball at the high school level, which I find very rewarding. Writing for Bleacher Report gives me a great outlet to voice my thoughts and opinions on the teams and sports I enjoy.

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  • Foghorn Leghorn posted 101 days ago

    Foghorn Leghorn

    Dan I need to vent and I don't want to make it seem like I am getting mad at you. I have high regards for you and look forward to your spot every week. 1st off it was a piss poor season and we have Trent and Weanie boy Jed to thank for that, who started the rumors, who leaked to the media that Harbaugh was on the hot seat, the team in disarray, whheels coming off. Well you assholes made your bed now sleep in it. If anyone should be fired try the GM whom consistently picked duds for the team, get a new coach that will not win like Harbaugh, another Erickson, Nolan or Singletary or maybe Jed could find another Donahue out there. As far as old alumni putting in there two cents....STFU you were relevant when you played but you are not on the team anymore and do you think you really helped the team by putting in your opinion. This is my favorite team proud when they win and disappointed when they lose but I WILL NOT TRY TO CUT OFF MY NOSE TO SPITE MY FACE OR as Bugs Bunny says "what a maroon"

  • Adam Kirby posted 195 days ago

    Adam Kirby

    Dan please help me spread the word about my Giants T-Shirt campaign... #PandovalRepublic http://teespring.com/SFGpandovalrepublic

  • Ron Blair posted 308 days ago

    Ron  Blair

    Dan, I said we'd check back in after May/June and see if Mr Belt had turned things around. He had started to do so and then the broken thumb incident occurred. He had come out of the funk as has Sandoval. Quoting Baggs: "If the Giants had lost Sunday, all the talk would be about Posey, their de facto captain and franchise star, and what’s the matter with him."
    Matter of time before Posey turns it around. I know you thought Belt looked hopelessly lost. The same could have been said about 2-strike Pablo until a week ago. I think Belt is a budding star, who will still have his ups and downs for another season or two.

  • Jason Espinoza posted 360 days ago

    Jason Espinoza

    Hey what do you think about the niners drafting WR Davante Adams from Fresno State even if guy's like cooks, beckham jr, benjamin, Lee Etc... are still there at 30. Ive been looking into this guy a lot lately and he is really impressive. He's got size at 6'2 215 and good speed. What are your thoughts on him? Thanks

  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 420 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah



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  • vernon sendelbach posted 440 days ago

    vernon sendelbach

    you missed the most important thing 49ers need to improve on in 20141_-COACHING!! It's Romans mediocre offense that hold us back; and QB coach does not appear to be helping Kap improve. Game time adjustments (or lack thereof) need to be addressed

  • Chris Herbert posted 591 days ago

    Chris Herbert


    Despite your column yesterday I believe Gary Brown is actually white and not Asian. You may want to put up a photo of him instead the player who appears to be Kensuke Tanaka.

  • Susan Turek posted 598 days ago

    Susan Turek

    You're welcome, Dan. I enjoy reading your work.

    To add a hyperlink you can highlight the part you want the link to be on. Keep it highlighted and go to the editing tools. That's where you can change the type of font to bold, italic, etc. There's a button for adding hyperlinks. If you hover over it with your mouse, "insert/edit link" will appear. The picture on the button looks like an "eight" with hard edges (or, in my mind, a funny-looking paperclip).

    A box should pop up when you click on the insert/edit link button, and there are three different slots in it.

    You put the URL of your source in the top slot. In the second slot you should see the part on the text you have highlighted, which is where you'll see the hyperlink in the article after you complete the process.

    Finally, to get your source to open in a new window, select "open in new window" in the third slot before saving.

    Does this help?

  • Ben Salvi posted 629 days ago

    Ben Salvi

    Great new Giants blog, read and comment http://sfgiantstalk.wordpress.com/

  • Banned 9erGal posted 636 days ago

    Banned 9erGal

    Thank you for writing. I know it can't be an easy task. I always enjoy your articles, Dan!

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