Guero Nunez

Guero Nunez


This is taken from one of my scholarship applications a few years ago.

When given the opportunity to talk about one’s-self, many will say that this is a simple task, and others will speak in an uncertain manner not knowing where to start. Well the reality is there is only the truth, so without fanfare or great expectation my life can be summed in the simplest of terms. Learning and experience are those terms, for having live to the ripe old age of forty-eight, I am now 52, I have lived in the world and know that for every action there is a corresponding reaction.
Growing up in Beaumont California was uneventful and quite ordinary with respect to other places in the world. As a child I was given the special gift of Albinism and as a consequence I am legally blind. Throughout school I attempted to be just like all of my classmates, yet this was a constant struggle. One of the limiting factors in my mind that kept me from bonding with my peers were the itinerate tutors that pulled me from class several times a week. What I realized several years later is that those tutors were the most positive and stabilizing thing in my life. It’s funny I never understood that we were poor nor did I realize that I needed help because of my physical limitations, in fact, accepting mortality and physical/mental limitations have been the hardest lesson that I still struggle with today. More to come.

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