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I love raslin'. Especially when it's good. Check out ALL of my articles.

My Favorite Wrestlers: Chris Jericho, Edge, Evan Bourne, The Usos, John Cena, John Morrison, The Miz, Randy Orton, Triple H, The Hart Dynasty, Christian, JTG, Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio, The Dudebusters, Tyler Reks, The Undertaker, AJ Styles, Amazing Red, Motor City Machineguns, The Pope, Hernandez, Homicide, Jay Lethal, Jeff Hardy, Jesse Neal, Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, Raven, Rhino, Rob Terry, RVD, Shannon Moore, Sting, Suicide, Tommy Dreamer, Austin Watson, Big E Langston, Bo Rotundo, Tito Colon, Hunico, Johnny Curtis, Richie Steamboat, Wes Brisco, The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly, Melina, Angelina Love

My Ben Gartland WWE Fantasy League Roster:
John Cena
The Undertaker
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio

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  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 2357 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    Hello! Here is a link to my latest piece, your read and feedback will by very much appreciated:

  • Tom Clark posted 2556 days ago

    Tom Clark

  • Tom Clark posted 2716 days ago

    Tom Clark

  • Sulayman H. posted 2720 days ago

    Sulayman H.

    Analyzing the absence of the WWE's success:

  • Ben Gartland posted 2724 days ago

    Ben Gartland

    Ok so here are the updated rules for WWE Fantasy League. The point values will be the same as in the article. Instead of a draft, I am just going to have people either write on my profile or personal message me the 5 superstars and 1 diva they want on their team. You can have the same ones as someone else. You will have the ability to change your team each week before the next Raw. When I learn how many people will be doing this, I will split the people into two groups. The Raw group, and the Smackdown group. The person in first place in the raw group will be the WWE fantasy Champion, the one in second place in the Raw group will be the United States fantasy champion. The person in first in the smackdown group will be the World Fantasy Champion, while the person in second will be the intercontinental fantasy champion. The person with the most points out of both groups will be the Undisputed Fantasy champion. So either personal message or write on my profile wall the five superstars and 1 diva that you want. Contrary to what I said earlier, you may now have Orton, Cena, Triple H and Undertaker. Thanks for participating and good luck!