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Ismael Velez


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  • Ismael Velez posted 2610 days ago

    Ismael Velez

    In a real street fight to the death, Shane Carwin would kill Brock Lesnar in under 1 minute....

  • tony marrow posted 2710 days ago

    tony marrow

    im serious about meeting yoU . this is the first time i saw a picture of you. sorry for making you so mad. this is gonna be a great article for bleacher report. lets not get all emotional and irratinal lets just spar like a couple of athletes would. seriously man im trying to figure out a way that we can actually even make a few bucks off this video of us sparring about who is better carwin or lesnar. i know its completely stupid but it really sounds like fun. we can be the two crazy fans that are acting stupid about their idol (lesnar is not my idol btw, fedor is the shit but im not suure he vcan handle lesnar) so anyways my flight lands at 4pm on the 8th and i will be leaving the following sunday at 6pm i will be landing at tampa international and staying at the tampa international plaza hotel. is this any where near you??? i am kinda an old man but i think we will have fun. we will be friends and we will get baked and have a few beers afterwards.