Bobby Bermudas

Bobby Bermudas


Hi I am looking for my long lost grandfather. His name is Bermuda Bob.
He used to be OK while sedated, but something happened and we lost track of him.

I think he got a hold of my stash and decided to become a Duke´s fan for some Kumbaya reason. He used to be a die hard Kentucky guy.

If you have a clue, I´ll appreciate it. He tends to say "vapid" a lot, and his keyboard gets stuck on the exclamation key !!!

After he saw the godfather for the 10th time (part III, Imagine!) he started to believe his mom got around with sailors from Naples. I assure you , the jury is still out on that !!!

Con te partiro Grampa!!!

Many people are asking me; Bobby, What does your Grampa look like? SO I decided to upload a picture to help in our quest,

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