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Ava Taylor

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Hey, I’m Ava! A member of GWU’s Class of 2013, I decided to stay in Washington D.C. post graduation, although my first love will always be my hometown of Manhattan.

My fascination with and fanaticism over sports originated with my father, who is native Michigander. He set an enduring example for me, having grown up watching him root for all the Detroit teams with incredible hometown pride even hundreds of miles away.

Now, even though I am miles away from New York, I still obsess over my boys in blue with equal fervor, especially the NY Rangers.

You can find me on twitter (@ava_taylor28) where I mostly cover sports and a little bit of everything else. You can also email me at ava.jamie28@yahoo.com or follow my sports blog http://sportsrants.com/nhl/author/ava-jamie28/