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A big hello to all Chargers fans here from the U.K.
My name is Jac, I am 18 years old and play & coach soccer. However due to recent shocking business decisions with my favorite soccer team (Portsmouth, Some of you may seen how much they sucked playing club america the other night) I stopped my season tickets.
Anyway to where its really at! The San Diego Chargers. Became a fan at the back end of 2006. I was a fan of the sport when i gained access to sky. Remember watching Priest Holmes return a kick off for the chiefs and thought wow, However the week after i saw LT and he was something else, throwing TD's, Rushing yards and TD's for fun. Thats when i decided that how could i not be a Chargers fan when i had been to San Diego three times on holiday when visiting Vegas and San Francisco when i was younger and now being dazzled by LaDainian Tomlinson.
Ever since then Sunday Night/Monday morning here in the England its all about the Bolts!!

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