I was lucky enough to grow up watching Michael Jordan win championship after championship, and in my adolescent brain, I just assumed that was the norm. I've seen the Bulls win 6 championships, the Bears lose a Super Bowl, and the Cubs give a fan base hope, although it was only temporary.

My love the of the NFL and the NFL Draft is what encompasses most of my writing. The whole process of evaluating and determining where players will go has always fascinated me. To some day be viewed as a guy like Mel Kiper Jr., Todd McShay, or even Bleacher Reports very own Matt Miller, is the ultimate goal.

The best thing about covering sports is its ability to be an ever changing landscape. A story one day can become something completely different the next. Like with all things, everyone has their own opinions, and this is my chance to share mine.

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  • John Vassar posted 183 days ago

    John Vassar

    Matt, read your mock draft. I don't think Ha Ha will be there. So I liked Loston from LSU and an interesting idea on Murray, but don't you think he might be there as a FA after the draft?

  • Mike Hyzy posted 184 days ago

    Mike Hyzy

    Hey Matt, I'm working on a documentary on Chicago Bears fan and the culture behind it. We've been filming for three years and are set to release this year. It would be great to get you feedback. Send me an email if your interested: mike.hyzy@gmail.com

  • Jacob Thomas posted 289 days ago

    Jacob Thomas

    Hey man, would love to talk to you about an opportunity covering the Bears. Shoot me an email at jhutcherson@profootballspot.com and I'll get you some info

  • Matt Miller posted 689 days ago

    Matt Miller

    Really enjoying your work, Matt. Keep it up!

  • James Williamson posted 2082 days ago

    James Williamson

    Comment Please.

  • Molly Gray posted 2109 days ago

    Molly Gray

    Hope you're looking forward to game two of the NLDS! Here's my take on Chad Billingsley for the Dodgers:


  • Bob Warja posted 2121 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Hi Matt, welcome to BR. I was impressed by your two articles thus far - keep it up.

    If you need anything, don't hesitate to contact me.


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