Emile Avanessian

Emile Avanessian


Growing up in L.A. in the 80s, I was spoiled by Magic and the Showtime Lakers at a very young age, and have been an NBA addict ever since. Now I’m a finance guy in NYC after 20+ years in L.A. Used to work in banking for a firm whose name rhymes with “Old Can Racks.”

Now most of my time is spent writing, either on my site (hardwoodhype.blogspot.com) or on Bleacher Report. Am also completing my MBA in Finance at Fordham University's Graduate School of Business.

For quick-hitting NBA thoughts, the latest NBA news, alerts on new articles and a heads-up on great content being published across the web, follow me on Twitter @ hardwoodhype.

Also, as the regular season approaches, I am planning to launch a “Hardwood Hype” audio podcast. Stay tuned for more information.

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  • Ethan S posted 2594 days ago

    Ethan S

    Congratulations on that sapphire medal! That was really a great article.

  • Ron Terrazas posted 2602 days ago

    Ron  Terrazas

    Re your Greatest 50 Lakers article... Had me wincing at times but the enormity of picking and ranking is beyond me especially deciding on what factors weighed more than others. I think I would rank longevity a bit more than you did... right off the top Ariza suprised me so it set the tone. One name that came to mind for me was Tommy Hawkins.... I know he was a favorite of Chick at the time. Hearn's placement was perfect. I spent many an evening laying in the hallway of our house in the 50's and 60's trying to catch the tail end of broadcasts on my parents bedroom radio. Was suppose to be in bed but you do what you have to do.

    The NBA was quite the different animal in those days. As kids we would go to an "Event" at the Forum where they would give coupons that would give two free tickets up in the Columnades to each kid. There would be 5 or 6 of us from the Torrance neighborhood who would go together. We would get our coupon and we would sneak back out through the "window" above each door, exchange some clothing and come back in .... accumulating enought coupons to keep all of us in tickets for every home game of the season. And as kids there was no way we would sit in the assigned seats..... we would inevitably end up in the first couple of rows. My youngest brother had balls that dragged on the floor. One evening he actually sat on the end of the bench and for whatever reason, from that point forward that became his seat...it was as though the ushers just said... yeah that is the kid that sits on the end of the bench. But what made it worse was that he was an inveterate Chamberlain hater... to this day I am positive he invented trash talk. He would ride Wilt all game long... which totally flabbergasted me since it semed like quickest way for him to lose this prime real estate. And Wilt obviouusly was terrible annoyed by his comments, I wondered how a superstar of such magnitude could let a pipsqueak little kid get so under his skin :) Years later when I met Wilt plaiying a beach volleyball tournament I asked him if he remembered my brother. When I described him he started laughing, an almost uncomfortable laugh. There were times I remember he would almost turn red in frustration when my brother would get under his skin.

    After the games the bunch of us would migrate to the lockeroom, even while the players were still in there. Boy that was a different era. Try that now without a pass. We would collect "souvenirs
    ", autographs, tape, broken hockey sticks, socks, etc. I remember once the bunch of us getting a ride home with Leroy Ellis in the back seat of his Lincoln Continental when our ride did not show up. Leroy did not think it was a safeplace for us to be waiting at night.

  • Sipan Mathevosian posted 2604 days ago

    Sipan Mathevosian

    thanks for the "likes"...ill be sure to check out some of ur articles....and i wonder how many armenians are on BR

  • Alex Sullivan posted 2700 days ago

    Alex Sullivan

    hey Emile. i recently wrote an article about the best teams in the Eastern Conference. check it out and let me know what you think