Amanda Leigh

Amanda Leigh


I'm Amanda... yes Im a girl but dont get that shhh twisted. Id own u in fantasy football and Id school yo a$s when it comes to the NFL. I follow every team in the league but my lil heart belongs to the Boys who wear a star on their helmet. Born and Raised Cowboys fan and I shall die a Cowboys fan. I have a tat of the star... yes thats how much I love my team... :)
Basketball... mehh... dont really follow it as much as the NFL... but I like the Spurs and hate the Lakers with a bloody passion...I respect Phil Jax..

Like any true NFL FAN I hate a bunch of teams... but top 3 for me... Giants Eagles and Steelers... I have a strong and I mean STRONG dislike for Brandon Jacobs.. so if ur reading this... "You Suck!! Last yr u ran your mouth more than u ran the damn ball... sucka!!"

"The only Boys I focus on are those who wear a star on their helmet"...

God created the earth in 6 days. And on the Seventh Day He Said, "Let There Be Football." And there was football. And it was good. Later that day God said, "Let There Be One Team To Rule The Others, To Set The Standard Of Excellence." And with that he plucked a Star from the Heavens and placed it on a helmet of Silver and Blue. And God said," Let Them Be Called.....The Dallas Cowboys--- Thats a verse from the bible haha

Baseball... Go Dodgers.. :) --Im not a baseball fan.. I do hate the Yankees.. I just chose to root for the Dodgers.. so there..

Every Sunday, Monday and SOMETIMES Thursday and Satuday... u can find me worshipin the football gods.. amen

As for the pic of me if u must know Im the one wearing the grey blouse....

Funny ass quote "I should really re-consider my status as an organ donor.. cuz whoever gets my liver is pretty much fu*ked"....

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  • Ernie Garza posted 2706 days ago

    Ernie Garza

    well thank you

  • Ernie Garza posted 2708 days ago

    Ernie Garza

    hey thanks for becoming a fan. may i ask why? liked your bio, pretty good.