Cleveland Cavaliers Featured Columnist and syndicated NBA writer for Bleacher Report since 2010. 34-time Cavs' Writer of the Month award winner with articles linked to Cleveland.com and Cavs.com.

Wooster, Ohio born which means I have a love of all things country music, the outdoors and sports. 5-year veteran of Bleacher Report. University of Akron graduate. Mario Kart 64 is still the greatest video game ever made.

Former work and experiences:

Yahoo! Contributor Network
Hoops Habit NBA Columnist
Co-host for WZIP 88.1 FM's "Sports Power Talk" show
Cleveland Browns writer for Examiner.com
Sportswriter for "The Buchtelite", University of Akron newspaper

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  • Glortch Jr posted 53 days ago

    Glortch Jr

    Nice work Greg, can you do another one of those cavaliers schedule breakdown predicitons? I've been waiting for it since the start of the month, can't wait to see it for this february month!

  • Raffaele Baldini posted 119 days ago

    Raffaele Baldini

    I'm really focused on who's the real Cavs coach. Does Blatt deserve more respect or we could skip this question and say that he already failed as a leader?

  • Adam Fromal posted 136 days ago

    Adam Fromal

    Appreciate it, Greg. Was plenty of fun to get to interact with those guys, and I'm glad they're showing signs of turning it around.

  • phil para posted 254 days ago

    phil para

    Hey there's a band I follow that has a song "miami" could have been written for King james and the Cleveland crazies, especially the Cleveland crazies. Some soulful white guy in an east coast band called Black Girls belts out in the refrain "miami is the last place you wanna be". Perfect. The new Cleveland theme song. go cavs. They gotta play it when the King hits the hardwood. Sorry i have no idea how to post it from spotify or i tunes

  • Akaash Patel posted 364 days ago

    Akaash Patel

    Just read your piece on Dion's growth as a person and a player. Hell of an article. Here's hoping for a good end to the season and a better year next year.

  • Jake Udell posted 405 days ago

    Jake Udell

    Greg I honestly like you way more than the jokes of sportswriters the PD has in MSB and JV, I get that they probably want more diversity in there sports reporters, but they just don't convey the excitement, and come up with good ideas for articles like they should if they want to be beat writers for a major city newspaper

  • Mike D posted 408 days ago

    Mike D

    My comment on your cleveland cavs 'trade' suggestions...

  • Dan Favale posted 414 days ago

    Dan Favale

    That's actually not me commenting on those articles. Cavs are a disaster, but I'm not that cruel, nor that uninventive. Thanks, dude.

  • Ryan O'Dell posted 477 days ago

    Ryan O'Dell

    I see you're from the Wooster area. Next time you're in town shoot me a message and we can meet up at Leroy's or something. I'll buy you a beer or three and we can talk sports.

  • Kelvin Clarke posted 517 days ago

    Kelvin Clarke

    I liked your article on James vs. Jordan. If not for retirement and college,Jordan would have put most records out of reach ,not to mention maybe 3 or 4 more championships,mvp's scring titles,etc.

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