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  • Stacey Mickles posted 2652 days ago

    Stacey Mickles

  • Stacey Mickles posted 2652 days ago

    Stacey Mickles

    Skylar let me set you straight once and for all on this soccer thing. The point of the whole article was soccer well never be big in this country mainly because the sport is too slow and the fact that it's trying to compete in an already saturated US sporting market. Put world cup soccer against the NFL every weekend during the NFL season in this country and MOST fans would watch American football anyday. That's not bullshit, that's not a made up fact, it's the truth.

    Everybody said the same thing about hockey after the Olympic Hockey team made the gold medal round in the Olymipics against Canada and even though like Soccer there was probably a brief spike in the ratings,hockey still has struggled to find its audience just like soccer would.

    The biggest sport in this country is football which took the place of baseball as American's past time years ago. Most Americans like American made sports and anything that we didn't invent or good at, we probably won't get into and that includes soccer.

    That doesn't mean soccer is a bad sport, but it' s not our sport and year after year, the ratings prove that. All you have to do is look at the MLS ratings compared to that of the NFL, College Football, NBA, or MLB. If soccer were going to take off, it would have by now but it hasn't and probably won't and that is the truth.