Larry  Tucker

Larry Tucker


What's there to know about me?

I'm a teacher. But, as you would know if you've read any of my articles, not a teacher that teaches writing specifically. I'm an elementary school teacher, and I love it.

I grew up, and currently live in the shadow of Chicago. My first sports memories were of the 1984 Cubs. Lucky for me, I was quickly initiated into the disappointment that comes with being a Chicago fan. The 1985 Bears, and all of the great Bulls teams tricked me for a minute, but I've come to understand what being a sports fan in Chicago means. Disappointment. The great thing about Chicago though, is that lined in the pessimism is underlying hope. Where as New York fans constantly look for reasons why their team won't do well, Chicago fans imagine scenarios where their team can be successful.

So, either Chicago fans are more optimistic than other fans, dumber than other fans, or we are part of a government study researching the long term effects of hallucinogens in the water supply. In speaking with some other fans around the country, I feel safe in ruling out the second option but still have not come to a conclusion regarding the others.

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  • Ray Tannock posted 2697 days ago

    Ray Tannock

    AH HA! And you're a fellow Cubs fan ta boot! That is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry Tucker posted 2704 days ago

    Larry  Tucker

    I think it's important to look for value in everything you do. Last year, I laughed and I laughed when Syder gave him 100 million. It was too much money, and it was way too much money guaranteed in the first year.

    Haynesworth is a different value today than he was a year ago. 3 years, 16 million is quite a bit different than 7 /100. Haynesworth is a unique talent. He didn't have the greatest statistical year last year, but his value has seldom shown up on his stats as much as it shows up on his team's.

    So, in summary, Haynesworth is a value right now because the probability that he will outperform the money left on the contract and the third round pick is high. Further, the Bears are a team that is set up to utilize his talents to the fullest. Is it possible that he'll come in and suck it up? Sure. If that happens, you lose a bit of money, and a third round pick. Hurts a little. If he comes in motivated he gives the Bears a chance to dominate the line of scrimmage unlike anything we've seen here in recent years. With the offensive capabilities of our division rivals, dominating the line of scrimmage would seem to be a trait to pursue.

  • Larry Tucker posted 2704 days ago

    Larry  Tucker

    Tommie Smith is a fictional character I created. His stats for the last two years parallel Tommie Harris's production.

    I thought I could pull it over on all of you, but you are apparently too smart. Congratulations.