I started off as a blogger. After a few years writing a sports blog with Sporting News I was forced to find new digs when they shut down their blogging section. Intrigued by the ubiquity of Bleacher Report hits I sent them an application and was accepted as a writer in August of 2010.

One year and 10 days later I hit one million reads, more than double what I'd received in the three years of private blogging I'd done before that. I've also had my work linked by Yahoo, ESPN, Fox Sports, and the LA Times, and that's just what I know of.

I became a featured columnist after a few months and have become one of the more widely read NBA writers on B/R since then. I occasionally do write about other things, but the NBA is my main beat.

In August of 2011 I was given the opportunity to conduct my first interview and it was with none other than Dwyane Wade! That was quite a thrill for me.

In November of 2011 I begin getting paid by B/R to write for the TNT section which covers breaking news stories. Then upon the NBA Lockout ending (finally) I was moved to the NBA section.

Now I am fulfilling my life-long dream to be paid to write about sports. The definition of a dream job is being able to tell your wife, "Not now, I'm working," when she asks you to do something when you're watching the Bulls.

Writing for B/R has been great for me, giving me more exposure and opportunities than I ever would have gotten on my own. They aim to be a place where amateur sportswriters can prove their mettle and they've allowed me to do that.

As far as my sports loyalties go, I'm Chicago all the way in all things but baseball. There, I'm a Cards fan, always have been and always will be. How can that be you ask?

Well, I haven't always been in Chicago. I grew up around the world. When I was 10 years old I was living in a place (North Dakota) with no professional baseball team.I was just getting into the sport and my parents weren't into it at all. I had no natural loyalty so I decided the next team they announced on the radio would be my favorite.

Then the announcer said, "The St. Louis Cardinals lost.... And they became my favorite team. I ran upstairs to check the standings, and lo and behold, they were in dead last. There best hitter was a guy named Garry Templeton. They traded him for a guy who couldn't hit worth a lick a month later, and thus a new era of Cardinal baseball commenced.

When I moved to Chicago in 1998 (on the very day that Phil Jackson retired) I changed all my sports loyalties to Chicago. It was just easier to follow the local teams. The one team I couldn't change was the Cardinals. There's no way a life long Cardinal fan can become a Cubs fan and I live on the North side.

Why would I want a lifetime of disappointment and discouragement?

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  • Kelly Scaletta posted 30 days ago

    Kelly Scaletta

    No Jason. I just didn't have the time to do that this summer.

  • Jason Pellettiere posted 31 days ago

    Jason Pellettiere

    Are you going to be ranking the top defensive players by position again this year?

    I really enjoyed that series last year.

  • Kelly Scaletta posted 33 days ago

    Kelly Scaletta

    Art M-- you said "You blacklisted me or something because I called out a false statement of yours (respectfully), but then didn't remove your lie? What gives?"

    I have no idea what you're talking about. I have never (and can't) blacklist anyone, nor do I know what "false statement" you are referring to.

    I honestly don't even know who you are. I have a hunch that the "false statement" you "called me out for" was nothing more than daring to have an opinion which differed from yours, though.

  • Art M posted 34 days ago

    Art M

    You blacklisted me or something because I called out a false statement of yours (respectfully), but then didn't remove your lie? What gives?

  • John Van Dinther posted 39 days ago

    John Van Dinther


    Bulls news slows down till the season starts. I think the gap leaves time to discuss a few needed NBA rules changes. I have three/four suggestions all based on the theory that rules should reward skill and punish the klutz.

    1) Timeout to avoid a jump ball

    New rule - No team can call timeout while possession is being actively contested. (Better wording needed but I hate to see a team skillfully trap a player and the klutz calls a time out.

    2) Breakaway

    Nobody liked the old practice of the klutz grabbing the breakaway player but two times nobody likes the current rule either. The current rule punishes the highly skilled defender who is required to turn around, grab his protractor and check all players to see if any defender is at either 179 degrees or 180 degrees to an invisible line. If the skilled player is good enough he might see a 75% chance he could knock the ball out of the breakaway players hand but if he fouls it is the death penalty. Two shots and possession.

    New Rule - If the defensive player has made a credible, legal attempt at a steal on a breakaway and fouls the penalty should be one free throw and possession. Now the skillful defensive player is rewarded if there is a good chance for a steal but still punished somewhat if he fouls and yes, two free throws and possession if the klutz does not make a credible attempt at a steal.

    3) Intentional Foul

    New Rule: This is similar to rule 3. If any player does not make a credible attempt at a legal steal and fouls the punishment is one free throw and possession. Guy makes a beautiful move to the hoop and someone gives him a bear hug. That is pure punish the skill and reward the klutz. The penalty should be one free throw and possession. Reward the skill and punish the klutz.

    4) Three Seconds (offensive and defensive) The problem is that there is absolutely no consistency here because the referee cannot possibly watch two to four guys jump in and out of the zone plus the guy who is driving with the ball into his field of vision. No one can keep even two separate counts going on in their head at the same time let alone three or four. Even on television it is obvious the calls are random and arbitrary. That is why so many lousy calls are made on drives. The referee is not watching until it is too late to see what was happening. He can only hope another ref saw it.

    New Rule: Drop three seconds? Kelly, what is the analysis here? Would it kill the game to drop three seconds? Is there any way to fix this pretend rule that is not followed and can ruin a game? I know, it is seldom called late in a tight game but scheese! The rule stinks and cannot be fixed without a super computer with a camera right?


  • Tony Parker posted 63 days ago

    Tony Parker

    Love your articles Kelly, keep up the good work.

  • Adrian Wojnarowski posted 72 days ago

    Adrian Wojnarowski

    Would you say that the Rockets are your favorite team in the West? You seem to have developed an interest in them recently, in addition to the typical Bulls coverage

  • GAY!!!!!!

  • Hoang Tran Minh posted 79 days ago

    Hoang Tran Minh

    Hi Kelly! I'm a Vietnamese student, currently studying in UK. Bleacher Report is the reason why I love basketball analysis, and your articles are the reason why I keep coming to this website twice a day. Your insights, your way of breaking down the stats is truly awesome! Keep up the good work, you are the best writer here!

  • Thomas Hutton posted 81 days ago

    Thomas Hutton

    Aside of their known strengths (Jordan's playing the passing lane, and Pippen's ability to keep an attacker in front of him), who would you pick for the best defender of the two?

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