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  • steven ross posted 1171 days ago

    steven ross

    my 2 year old daughter told me to tell you its '' geordie'' and not jordie .hahahahah thanks for the laugh you cockeny kant

  • Devon G posted 1456 days ago

    Devon G

    You're a brilliant writer and I salute you. Don't listen to these jealous mouth breathing pondscum. Keep up the great work

  • Blair Said posted 1496 days ago

    Blair Said

    Attention seeker looking for views and comments. You are just trying to get comments to make it to the "featured articles" page. well written, but there are gaping holes in your thought process.

  • Evan George posted 1497 days ago

    Evan George

    Your "article" was literally so bad that it had to be removed from the site. (Let that sink in) It was hateful, biased and beyond that littered with errors and baseless claims. This is not the place to come with such nonsense. Bleacher report has standards and a good name to uphold. Please save this sort of bigotry for a tottenham forum, there you will be welcomed with open arms and can live out your days in peace. Farewell.

  • R C posted 1497 days ago

    R C

    Also, don't fuck with Bendter. He's ours to make fun of.

  • ben Mindorff posted 1497 days ago

    ben Mindorff

    just wait and see Arsenal win it all.

  • R B posted 1497 days ago

    R  B

    You're a moron. Worst article i've seen on B/R and that speaks volumes. You use your buddy's twitter account as a reference to appear credible. You can't spell. You write on a 5-year old's level. You're 100% biased. How B/R ever allowed you to post an article is beyond me.

  • Ben Lorimer posted 1497 days ago

    Ben Lorimer

    I don't want to be an internet stereotype by commenting before reading the whole article, but after having read the opening two paragraphs I can already point out a couple of grammatical errors, and the whole thing reads very poorly.

    I know its not your fault that it is featured on the Set Piece blog and soccer home page, but it disappoints me as someone who has been writing on B/R for a while that your article, with an awkward style and poor (if any) proofreading, is getting the wide circulation most writers never get on the website . Come on B/R, no need to outsource articles with all the talent you already have onboard (and I'm not talking about me, since I have never written a soccer article).

  • Ahnaf Aaqif posted 1497 days ago

    Ahnaf Aaqif

    You have the worst article in BR History. Well done.

  • cj hef posted 1497 days ago

    cj hef

    what's it like to write possibly the single worst article BR has ever published? you have no fucking clue what you're talking about. no quality wins? just because you don't rate liverpool doesn't mean they aren't good. and what about the shutout of spurs? we get it. you don't like arsenal. there are much better/less embarrassing ways of getting that point across than writing a completely asinine, erroneous article