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  • daniel magnuson posted 1283 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    all of you georgia fans are abunch of 40 year old virgins go home

  • Urbs Ticker posted 1467 days ago

    Urbs Ticker

    Holler @ me when you want this billboard deleted from your profile...but you NEED to read it.

  • Urbs Ticker posted 1467 days ago

    Urbs Ticker

    *"According to the Athens Banner-Herald on Thursday, OSU cancelled a planned home-and-home series with the University of Georgia that was set to begin in 2020."

    "Ohio State has canceled a home-and-home series with Georgia because of the upcoming Big Ten/Pac-12 scheduling partnership.*

    Lol! First of all, NEVER use The Banner Herald or ESPN as your source of information regarding the 2020 cancellation, because it is totally inaccurate.

    Whether or not you choose to believe it is up to you, but THIS is what happened, Frank, and if you need any REAL references, you can compare any Big 10 teams' non-conference schedule that has been made years in advance, to that of the SEC which hasn't even been finalized for next season. Feel free to Google BOTH CONFERENCES.

    First off, Vandy agrees to a home/away series with Northwestern in 2012/13, in addition to 1 game@ Ohio State on Aug 31 2013. On Sept. 8, 2012, Northwestern beats Vanderbilt, On October 18, 2012, the SEC releases the 2013 schedule, and neither Ohio State OR Northwestern are on the schedule.

    October 20, 2012, tOSU AD Gene Smith opens a letter from Vandy's AD, cancelling the game in 2013, citing "scheduling issues within the conference" due to Texas A&M and Missouri being added to the SEC.

    There are no extra conference games. I don't know how you guys do things down there, but in the Big 10, the AD does the scheduling. The Conference commissioner DOES NOT do schedules for every school in the conference.

    The UGA game that was SUPPOSED to happen in 2020, went south when UGA asked Smith to do a neutral site game instead of a home/home series. Smith is still pissed about the way things were handled by the SEC, so his polite response was, "a future Pac/ Big schedule."

    TOSU doesn't have issues like those with any other conference but the SEC. Once the Pac 12 and Big 10 go to 9 conference games per season, the SEC is going to look like the cowards they are when they are still scheduling UMass and Alabama State, and still playing 8 conference games in a 14 team conference.

    Slive can screw you guys into isolation for all we care, we don't HAVE to let him screw our scheduling up. F**k him.


    Sure smells like it!

    "neutral site"....*roll eyes*

  • Urbs Ticker posted 1472 days ago

    Urbs Ticker

    UGA demanded 2 "neutral site" Atlanta.

    tOSU said "man up, and do a home/ home series"

    UGA refused.

    Get your facts straight before slapping your keys.