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Hi all, my name is Luis Batlle and I am an aspiring sports journalist and a current graduate of Towson University. I majored in both Journalism and Spanish while at Towson in Baltimore, MD. I love to write and tend to write more about NBA, Tennis, Golf, NFL, and college sports although any type of sports piece works. Any advice, comments, and things you want to mention I am more than open to hearing what you have to say, even if it is negative criticism! Looking forward to continuing writing articles for B/R and I hope you enjoy my work.

To date, I have had work featured on the site, B/R's partnerships including the L.A. Times, and, and was featured on ESPN Radio Honolulu's Bobby Curran show for insight on 2012 NBA Free Agency.

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  • Nick Ponzio posted 1998 days ago

    Nick Ponzio

    What do you think about the Knicks this year? What kind of season do you think they will have?

  • Luis Batlle posted 2023 days ago

    Luis Batlle

    No actually @FaithFam, Bass is actually not under contract any longer. Spurs are actually interested in him at the moment, there's a report about that too. I really hope the Celtics don't lose him, that would be tough.

  • Faith Fam posted 2024 days ago

    Faith  Fam

    hey is brandon bass under contract with the celtics? just wondering

  • Michael Prunka posted 2090 days ago

    Michael Prunka

    Wow! Go figure! I went to Good Counsel HS.

  • Michael Prunka posted 2097 days ago

    Michael Prunka

    Rockville, Maryland. I got to East Carolina University, though.

  • Michael Prunka posted 2102 days ago

    Michael Prunka

    Hey man, I see you go to Towson. I'm from right around there.

  • Abacus Reveals posted 2127 days ago

    Abacus Reveals

    Thank you , sir. Satch and I will both sleep better now.

    The boys did look good last night -- even remembered how to rebound. I hope your optimism is rewarded.

    By the way, as a Spanish major, are you familiar with a Brazilian author named Rachel de Queiroz? I used to use one of her short stories in my HS English classes. "Metonymy, or The Husband's Revenge" (intriguing title, isn't it?) is one of my all-time favorite stories for a couple of reasons, especially what may be the best "trick ending" ever.

  • Luis Batlle posted 2128 days ago

    Luis Batlle

    Should have definitely been Satch thank you. I mean its definitely difficult to imagine winning it all, I agree completely. It will interesting to see if they can win a round or two though, they have been playing quite well lately you know?

  • Abacus Reveals posted 2129 days ago

    Abacus Reveals

    Luis. Luis, Luis. You've got Mr. Sanders's nickname off by a letter.

    Sorry I officially (and publicly) wrote off "our" team last week. I just don't foresee it happening this year -- especially when they made no roster moves at the deadline.

  • casey plunkett posted 2153 days ago

    casey plunkett

    hey luis. just something i wrote up. i originally had the article stretching further into the lives of the 2 players like bill russel also being drafted onto the same team with his teammate. however i got kinda of lost and the lin craze made it easy to end with the underdog theme. actually i lost the 2nd part of the write, reread the first part and saw 'something special' and thought i'd just finish it up there. anyway hope you get some amusement out of it.