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Jason Cole


Jason Cole has covered the NFL since 1992. He has won numerous awards for his work, particularly for investigative stories on Reggie Bush and on financial crime against athletes.

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  • Marcus Sesin posted 650 days ago

    Marcus Sesin

    Any chance you can do an interview with Reggie McKenzie like you did with Scot McCloughan? It was a fantastic read and I'd love some insight into Reggie's mind.

  • Jeff Nixon posted 650 days ago

    Jeff Nixon

    Jason: Check out my article posted at NFL Retired Players United and sent to 6,000 former players at this link: http://jeffnixon.sportsblog.com/posts/15739958/getting-outraged-over-the-nfl-pension-plan--don-t--just-join-the-conversation-.html

  • Will posted 693 days ago


    YOU LOOK GREAT . . . keep up the good work.

  • Bill B posted 715 days ago

    Bill B

    Why isn't Tommy Nobis in the NFL Hall of Fame? He was one of the greatest linebacker to play the game and deserves to be elected. It's long overdue.
    (from Wikipedia)
    In 1965, Tommy Nobis became the first player ever drafted by the expansion Atlanta Falcons [1] as well as the second linebacker to be chosen first overall when he was taken with the #1 pick in the 1966 NFL Draft on November 27, 1965. The Houston Oilers also drafted him in the American Football League Draft. This presented a dilemma and also sparked a debate that reached as far as outer space when Frank Borman, an astronaut aboard Gemini 7, talked back to earth with the message, "tell Nobis to sign with Houston." Tommy Nobis instead signed with Atlanta on December 14, 1965 and became the first ever member of the Atlanta Falcons. This culminated in the nickname "Mr. Falcon".[1]
    Tommy Nobis joined the Falcons for their inaugural season in 1966. That season he won the league's NFL Rookie of the Year, was voted to the Pro Bowland amassed 294 combined tackles which still stands today as the team's all-time single-season record,[1] and is unofficially the most tackles ever credited to one player, in a season, in NFL history. In eleven professional seasons he led the Falcons in tackles nine times, went to five Pro Bowls (one in 1972 after two knee surgeries), was named All-Pro twice and was chosen for the NFL's "All-Decade Team" for the 1960s. Miami Dolphins great, running back Larry Csonka commented, "I'd rather play against Dick Butkus than Nobis," and Falcons coach Norm Van Brocklin once pointed to Nobis' locker and proclaimed, "There's where our football team dresses."
    Nobis is a member of the Atlanta Falcons' Ring of Honor and his #60 was the first number retired by the team. No other Falcons player has ever worn the number.[1]

  • Coley Best posted 741 days ago

    Coley Best


    As we near the selection for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2016,
    I would like to present my case and your consideration to elect QB Ken Stabler.
    I believe Ken Stabler and his contribution to the game is worthy based on his merits.
    *1974 NFL MVP
    *4 Time Pro Bowler (1973, 1974, 1976, & 1977)
    *2 Time AP First Team All AFC (1973 & 1974)
    *AP First Team All Pro (1974)
    *AP Second Team All Pro (1976)
    *AP NFL offensive Player of the Year (1974)
    *2 Time NFL Leader in Touchdown Passes (1974 & 1976)
    * AFC Passing leader 1973
    *NFL Passing Champion 1976 (103.4 QB Rating when the league average was 63.6)
    *His 66.7 completion pct. In 1976 was 2nd best in history at the time.
    *Super Bowl XI Champion
    *Broke Johnny Unitas' record for fastest to 100 wins. To this day, only surpassed by Montana and Brady.
    *Madden and Stabler combined for a 60 win 19 loss record for a .756 pct.
    *Prime Time on Monday Night Football, Stabler was 11-1-3 with a 97.7 Rating. Still holds the record for most consecutive Monday Night wins.
    *His post season statistics rank the best of the 1970’s with an 84.2 rating.
    *1976 Hicock Award for Athlete of the Year.
    *7th highest winning percentage of all QB's in NFL history.
    *Only QB in NFL history to lead his team to 5 consecutive conference title games.
    Before the West Coast offense was introduced no Quarterback has a higher completion rating than him. He led the league twice in touchdown passes and passing completion percentage. He was among the top 10 Quarterbacks in passing yardage 7 times, second highest passing rating in the decade (1970’s) with a 103.4. He led the NFL in yards per attempt and placed third in touchdown passes during the 1970’s. He did this even though John Madden did not start him until the middle of the 1973 season. He had 23 Career Comebacks in the 4th Quarter or Overtime. He was 11-1-3 on Monday Nights, the one loss that he had was by one point. His Monday Night Statistics are: 97.7 Quarterback Rating 217 completions, 338 Attempts, 64.2 Completion Percentage, 2956 Yards, 8.7 Yards per Attempt, 27 Touchdowns, 17 Interceptions. *1970’s All Decade Team. Comparing Ken’s postseason totals to the 23 Modern Era Quarterbacks in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Ken is 6th in Quarterback Rating (84.2), 7th in Completion Rating (57.8%), 9th in Touchdowns (19), 9th in yards per game (203.2), 10th in yardage (2641). 7-5 record. When he retired his winning percentage of .661 was third among Modern Era Quarterbacks behind Roger Staubach (.746) & Terry Bradshaw (.677). It still stands 7th (all Time) behind Hall of Famers Roger Staubach, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana and three quarterbacks that are still playing (Tom Brady, Peyton Manning & Ben Roethlisberger). Ken is the only Quarterback in NFL history to take 3 teams to their most number of victories: 1976 Oakland Raiders 15-1, 1980 Houston Oilers 11-5 & the New Orleans Saints 8-8. When the NFL put together the 1970’s All Decade Team (chosen by the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee) Ken was one of three Quarterbacks: Roger Staubach had the most votes with Ken Stabler and Terry Bradshaw tied for second most votes. Bob Griese and Fran Tarkenton did not get any votes. Roger Staubach, Terry Bradshaw, Bob Griese and Fran Tarkenton are all members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ken had 7 playoff trips in 10 seasons as an Oakland Raider. He was also the leader of the 1976 Oakland Raiders which was recently voted by NFL.COM as the greatest team of all time. Ken Stabler was also 8-6 against Terry Bradshaw/Pittsburgh Steelers & Bob Griese/Miami Dolphins. He had 150 touchdown passes from 1970-1979, third most in that decade. The other four Quarterbacks in the top 5 are members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Staubach, Bradshaw, Griese & Tarkenton). He was 96-49-1 as a starter. His career stats are 184 Games, 3,793 Attempts, 2,270 Completions, 59.8% Attempts per Game 20.6, Yards 27,938, Average 7.4, Yards per Game 151.8, Touchdowns 194. He did all of this in an era that was not friendly to Quarterbacks as it is today. What throwing yards and completions that Quarter backs threw for in those days they had to earn, because the rules were more favorable to the defensive backs and safeties.
    Statistics alone don’t even begin to tell the story and that’s most important. We can't tell the story of the NFL in the 1970’s, the Golden growth era of the NFL, without mentioning Ken Stabler and games like these:
    “The Immaculate Reception”, “the Sea of Hands”, “Ghost to the Post”, “The Holy Roller”. Or his 23 4th quarter comebacks and 26 game winning drives.
    As a true signal caller (one of few that called his own plays) Stabler’s command on the football field transferred to his teammates and most importantly to victories.
    Ken “Snake” Stabler is one of the great QB’s of the 1970’s. Time has eluded him and unfortunately he is now gone. But I ask of you to please include him now as he is on the doorstep to Canton.
    Thank You!


    Coley A. Best, Jr.

  • padfan11 posted 816 days ago


    This guy is an absolute joke. My "Inside sources"......LOL!!!

  • Loso's Crowder posted 853 days ago

    Loso's Crowder


  • RT17 posted 893 days ago


    Your'e a JOKE. You never have ANY Sources, Always Complete bull**** that you make up and now to made the most Idiotic Statement of your Career about Ryan. Your Biased AF and have no integrity whatsoever SMH.

  • Nate White posted 910 days ago

    Nate White

    You are the worst. You clearly hate the Cowboys, yet you are always reporting anything new. You are also ALWAYS negative with every point for my team. The absolute worst.

  • Ryan Bender posted 966 days ago

    Ryan Bender

    Heard you radio comments on AP. SO after all of your misreporting and absolute speculation over the last year about what "Your sources" have told you. LOL - you're sources. Gimmie a break. Now you know exactly what Peterson is thinking? Everything you've come out with on AP this past 6 months has been wrong, and now you want to make it seem like you have an idea of what this guys is truly thinking, and how he doesn't want to hurt his brand. I really wish you would stop talking about all things sports and go opena BBQ place somewhere in North Dakota. You are just a bag of hot air. You and Mike Freeman are the worst.