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  • ybjumbll hykyrppm posted 2507 days ago

    ybjumbll hykyrppm

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  • Michael Jordan posted 2716 days ago

    Michael  Jordan

    @TT How Dare you question Me and my little errand boy Steven Resnick. Don't you know that I am all that is man? Ill Let me tell you something, Larry Bird once played against me and said it was God out there disguised as Michael Jordan. Ha Ha Ha! What that fool doesnt know it that it has been the other way around. I have been disguising myself as God since the dawn of time. And you have the cajones to compare mere mortals such as Kobe Bryant to Me. ha ha ha. That little punk was named after a cut of beef while I was named after St. Michael! Which makes no sense since I created him, I am God after all. Those who do not wear their hanes, wear their nikes and drink their gatorade will suffer my wrath. Steven Resnick, your next task on earth will be changing the common era system to Before MJ and After MJ. If you fail I will turn you into Lebron's headband. ahahahahahahah