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Dan Bodner

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Dan is a former intern and featured columnist for Bleacher Report. He is now the owner and lead writer for Kentucky Hoops Buzz, a website covering Kentucky Basketball and Recruiting (http://www.kyhoopsbuzz.com). He is also currently a Master's candidate at the College of William and Mary in the Higher Education Administration program.

Dan specializes in topics concerning Cincinnati area teams as well as the University of Kentucky and Dallas Mavericks.

His articles have been linked to on sites such as USA Today, CBSSports.com, NYDailyNews.com, SECSportsWire.com, KentuckySportsRadio.com, and SportSnipe.com.

You can follow him on twitter at: http://twitter.com/KyHoopsBuzz or http://www.twitter.com/DanBodner

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  • Jay Sarkisian posted 1085 days ago

    Jay Sarkisian

    Dan, do you even do actual research?? The chance that Shabazz ends up at UNLV is much higher than him landing in Kentucky! Yet you have UNLV at a 1,000-1? LMAO!!

  • Swoosh Nation posted 1128 days ago

    Swoosh Nation

    Dan, I am looking for an NCAA recruiting columnist for my new site Swoosh Nation Dot Com. If you have any interest please email me Admin At Swoosh Nation Dot Com and I can send you complete details.


  • Christopher Howland posted 1394 days ago

    Christopher Howland

    yo dude, i saw on the forum that you posted that you lost your syndicated writer status and you wanted to know how to get it back. i see you got that title bakc but now that same problem is happening with me.
    i've been with B/R for a month now, i had the SYndicated writer title just yesterday, and now today it is gone.
    could you help me out bud? thanks, chris

  • Ezri Silver posted 1506 days ago

    Ezri Silver


    That is an important point regarding attracting All-Americans but maintaining them for a championship run. It reminds me of the Michigan team which had Webber and Rose on it (the Fab 5). Imagine if they would have stayed in school for all four years. Then fast forward to today after the multitude of straight from high school to the NBA, followed by the ban of non-one-year college basketball players and all you have is an NCAA which is getting a kick back from the NBA by not taking players straight out of high school. I am not saying I am for straight to the pros either, but there with the economic challenges many of these players (and their families) faceā€”it is no suprise that the one-year wonders are becoming the norm. Personally, I enjoy the college game much more than the NBA. Lebron helped me wake up from my slow lull into starting to believe in professional athletes again.

  • Ezri Silver posted 1506 days ago

    Ezri Silver


    Thank you for your feedback. What do you think will happen to UK basketball now that Wall is starting to show his mark in the NBA Summer League?