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JP Carlson writes about mma, powerlifting and weight training. He started weight training at 14 after two losing bouts with the neighborhood tough guy, and never had his broken front tooth fixed to remind him why he lifts weights. He joined a boxing club in Huntington, Long Island briefly when he was 16 and sparred with a skinny 6'4" middleweight sub-novice named Gerry Cooney! JP decided he wasn't cut out to be the next Jerry Quarry, while Gerry went on to win his weight class in the Golden Gloves that year! JP was in the bleachers the night of the finals in the Garden rooting Gerry on! Gerry went on to challenge the best fighters of his generation in the heavyweight division, and JP moved on to powerlifting where it's rare to get punched in the face. JP's first book is an illustrated dinosaur adventure novel set in the old West called, "Rex Riders." It will be published in 2010 by Monstrosities Books.

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