Jim Cavan is a contributing editor at Knickerblogger.net and a freelance writer whose work has appeared at the New York Times, ESPN.com, Grantland, The Classical and SB Nation, among other outlets. His first book, co-written with a team of fellow bloggers, is "We'll Always Have Linsanity: Strange Takes on the Strangest Season in Knicks History".

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  • Christian Lee posted 6 days ago

    Christian Lee

    you are a derp with idiotic articles!
    try to make sound reports and facts! you, yes you the shit Mr Cavan, ur full of nonsense!

  • Smarten Up posted 56 days ago

    Smarten Up

    A good sense of humor and knowing what you're talking about - a very rare combination at b/r.

  • Hemanth Swarna posted 104 days ago

    Hemanth Swarna

    You write for the Knicks and treat them like dirt on your "Takeaways from NBA Wednesday"

  • Gerald Flemming posted 128 days ago

    Gerald Flemming

    You forgot the Raptors/GSW game in your Sundays Takeaway. It's particularly bad considering your next fast food article was about O'Neal missing the game.