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Shane Johnston

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Shane Johnston grew up in many different places in an Air Force family. However, since he attended high school, got his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Nebraska - Omaha, started his career, met his wife and bought his first house in Omaha he considers it his hometown. Plus, no matter where they lived, his dad brought him up right - cheering for the Big Red and hanging on to every play on Autumn Saturdays. He had the joy of being there in person to see Barry Sanders run wild but Okie State lose big, to see the flea-kicker in Missouri, and to witness - 10 rows up along the sideline - Black 41 Flash Reverse Pass and Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch sink the Sooners among other highlights. He was also there for the low-lights such as the Debacle in the Desert - the 19-0 loss to Arizona State and Bill Callahan's first of many losses, this one to Southern Miss, that would define the next four years of his ill-fated regime. Since moving to North Carolina in 2005 Shane spends a lot of money on pay-per-view games and looks forward to Nebraska's move to the Big Ten since he gets the Big Ten Network on cable.

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