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  • GOOD-BYE posted 1521 days ago


    Yeah they do. He has been in to good movies and that was Fast 5 and 6. He can't act or wrestle for shit. Admit it.

  • The Cowardula posted 1522 days ago

    The Cowardula

    Ey sup holmes? (that was in honor of Rey Mysterio's return, it probably won't last too long anyway lmao)

  • Long gone posted 1522 days ago

    Long gone

    You hate me don`t chou?

  • GOOD-BYE posted 1522 days ago


    He doesn't at all. He does to lauch is Twitter account and to promote another movie that he has to leave for. Boots to asses 24/7, hes not even there and when he is, he does the same promo over and over and over again

  • Long gone posted 1523 days ago

    Long gone

    But you a-a-re.

  • CM Mox posted 1523 days ago

    CM Mox

    I don't watch the product anymore.

  • GOOD-BYE posted 1523 days ago


    Nope. Rock is nothing to the @WWE now. Rock is more worried about movie than the people. I was once a Rock fan like you, then he morped into Dwayne. Nobody cares how "electricfying" he is, they care about REAL wrestlers and divas that ACTUALLY care for the business. Guys like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena, hell divas like A.J. Lee, Natalya. You are getting mad each day because "your savior" the rock don't care about the people one bit. I will give rocky credit of having populartity and being funny...but that's all he really has. His promos are the same, just changes the name(s) the the oppenit(s) that he is wrestling for the ppv. Rocky is dead, and you need to quit living in the past.

  • GOOD-BYE posted 1524 days ago


    You need to check your facts because they are wrong. Rock sucks period. ROH wrestler/Divas are better than him. Hornsquaggle is better than him.

  • Long gone posted 1524 days ago

    Long gone

    Ye-ye yes

  • Rollins4Life posted 1525 days ago


    The amount of Rock can never be too high! Lol.