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  • Daniel Howie posted 1706 days ago

    Daniel Howie

    Wow. Simply wow.

  • RedRaider Red posted 1706 days ago

    RedRaider Red


    I never thought I'd say this but today, I am ashamed to be a Red Raider.

    I wish Mike Leach the best in his future endeavors. May he get the best HC job there is and may he beat Tech 70-0 when he meets us next.

  • Daniel Howie posted 1727 days ago

    Daniel Howie

    I came so close to predicting the upset of the day. If Texas plays like that, Alabama will win easily. But I have a bad feeling (for a Sooner) that the Horns will look better in a NC game.

  • Daniel Howie posted 1736 days ago

    Daniel Howie

    I didn't get to watch the OU/Tech game because I was traveling, but Ryan Broyles is good. Unfortunately he knows he's good and showboats, even when the scoreboard shows that he shouldn't.

  • Bill Brownell posted 1737 days ago

    Bill Brownell

    Mark Richt and the Dawgs are back Red. I'd really like your read and comments on the re-birth of Bulldog pride. Thanks.

  • Daniel Howie posted 1748 days ago

    Daniel Howie

    Wow, RR, I expected more of a fight from you. I mean, this game is on the road, and we've lost in Lubbock for the last two years we've been there. And this year, our offense has shown that it stays home. So even though we blew out the team that Tech lost to by 30, I don't think it'll be a blowout.

    And if I had to pick a game to lose, I'd rather lose to Tech than O State. We need to keep that home winning streak alive. And this season, OU has played better after a loss. After BYU, it was Idaho State. After Miami, it was Baylor. After Texas, it was Kansas. After Nebraska, it was A&M. Granted, most of those games were at home, and the one that was away has not established itself as an intimidating place for a visiting team.

    I'm glad we are bowl eligible because I know the Cowboys would have loved to keep us from a bowl. They hate OU that much.

  • Daniel Howie posted 1748 days ago

    Daniel Howie

    Boomer Sooner!

  • Daniel Howie posted 1758 days ago

    Daniel Howie

    I have no words for that awful performance against Nebraska. I was walking from a watch party back to where I live and I heard some guys outside call a floating pass, a "Landry Jones". I think that sums it up. He's young, and it shows, especially on the road.

    Honestly I think we'll grind out a win against A&M and OSU, and lose in Lubbock. Hello Alamo Bowl.

  • Daniel Howie posted 1763 days ago

    Daniel Howie

    Oh okay. I thought Sheffield went in because Potts had a concussion, which keeps him at #2 on the depth chart. That sucks man. Hopefully he heals for next season.

    Yeah, A&M has looked pretty good. I still can't figure out the blowout loss to Arkansas. I didn't get to watch the game, so I don't know if early turnovers blew the game open for the Razorbacks. But otherwise A&M is putting it together in Sherman's second year. No gimmies in the Big 12 South. That's for sure. The North is another story. They need to be more balanced so that people will respect our championship game.

    Good luck in Stillwater this weekend!

  • Karen Ross posted 1764 days ago

    Karen Ross

    WOW Yeah! That was me! haha that's crazy!