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  • Jonathan Hoskins posted 2536 days ago

    Jonathan  Hoskins

    LMFAO, "opportunistic?". Two of the pics were thrown right to the defender bc the receiver ran the wrong route! The other two hit the receivers right in the hands, then deflected right into the defenders bread baskets! Thats not opportunity. Stevie wonder could have gotten those picks! UM drove the ball AT WILL on your great defense! Got it into the redzone 3 times, if they just get field goals thats 9 ponts, if our All American kicker doesnt have the worst game of his life and hits the two field goals he missed, thats 6 more! And game, 'CAnes! Despite all the turnovers, and a near flawless game by Pryor, Miami was still in it! The team with more speed and talent was in white yesterday, but the better team on the day won. we just beat ourselves and didn't deserve to win. Pryor had a great game, and OSU deserved to win! BUt I dont think you won, I think Miami lost it! Like I said, we'll see you next year!

  • Jonathan Hoskins posted 2537 days ago

    Jonathan  Hoskins

    Of Course I remember it. The better team did not win that game. Miami beat themselves with mental mistakes. They drove the ball at will, OSU's corners couldnt cover our wideouts, then 4 mental mistakes put gifts right in the hands of the DB's. The only INT that was attributable to good defensive play was Heyward dropping back on the zone blitz. NO excuses though, you guys won. Congratulations. See you next year in Miami, unless you guys buy your way out of it!