ryan cnts

ryan cnts

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  • vin Karlos posted 471 days ago

    vin Karlos

    Dumb fucking racist.

  • SHut up you retarded loser. You wouldnt say tht to a black guys face would get beat the shite out of!! No one wants to go to weakass Spain and speak with fake thugs. Go give yo daddy some cracker. Lol white trash

  • solie 'soul-man' solomon posted 484 days ago

    solie 'soul-man' solomon

    does your mom sell bananas? is that what you consider wealth?

  • solie 'soul-man' solomon posted 485 days ago

    solie 'soul-man' solomon

    ah ah ah... very funny i got alzheimers when i was supposed to laugh

  • Fungal Butter posted 487 days ago

    Fungal Butter

    You are nothing but a fairy, stop kidding yourself and wipe that turd off your cock.