Bryan  Sucks 2.0

Bryan Sucks 2.0

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  • Bryan Sucks 2.0 posted 1193 days ago

    Bryan  Sucks 2.0

    WTF happened to B/R ? where's my bio? oh wait where everyones bio?

  • SteelersAndPinkFloydDiva posted 1240 days ago



  • Chinese Lil Wayne posted 1251 days ago

    Chinese Lil Wayne

    I got to admit that meme was pretty good. The reason I like Bo is because he makes me laugh my ass off all the damn time. Thanks for the comments on the rest of the list though.

  • Chinese Lil Wayne posted 1251 days ago

    Chinese Lil Wayne

    You must BOlieve in Daniel Bryan!

  • Red Devil Woman posted 1260 days ago

    Red Devil Woman

    Lol don't get mad and spread lies, get happy and BOlieve!

  • Lmfao @ dat pic

  • Le'Veon Bell posted 1262 days ago

    Le'Veon Bell

    Bryan is pretty damn annoying, just like Ambrose.

  • The Gap posted 1263 days ago

    The Gap

    And how does it stack up against yours? :P

  • Red Devil Woman posted 1263 days ago

    Red Devil Woman

    Just like with Cena haters/detractors by talking about someone that you don't like, you're making them more relevant in the process. I would never waste my precious time on making a '"Miz Sucks" page whilst providing YouTube videos because I actually have a life and know how to move on, Mr. Straw.

  • The One and Only GOAT posted 1264 days ago

    The One and Only GOAT

    One of? Nope. The? Yes.