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Bryan Sucks 2.0

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This account is the internet shovel specially made for Daniel 'overrated' Bryan.

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Daniel Bryan is overrated! And to all the IWC members who are jerking off for Douche Baggie YES man DB, wait till you'll to turn on him 12 months from now.

Bryan is extremely overrated. 70% kicks, 20% runs and dives, 5 % suplexes, 3% submissions, 1% other.
Talk about technical wrestling, smh.
Example of Bryan marks sickening comments:

"Let Bryan face Cena, No! No! let him face the Rock and beat him at WM. Now I want him to be the face of the wwe. I want him in Cena's booking, I want Bryan to make Cena tap out and Taker tap out after that. I want him to face Kurt Angle so Angle can pass the torch to him as the best technical wrestler. Oh wait Shawn Michaels hasn't jobbed to Bryan yet, so let him do that first. HHH needs to be buried by Bryan at WM. what about Brock Lesnar? , beating him will cement Bryan legacy that Bryan beat a MMA figher. Now I want him to win the Rumble and face Punk at WM for the title unification, even better let him pin Cena, Orton and Punk all at a time,win and say YES! YES! to close the show ."


Like it or not, He's heading to Wrestlemania, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to wrestle on the preshow with Zack Ryder.

The preshow thing didn't work so ther's even a better thing going around

Hate name caling but this is hilarious

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  • Bo Dallas posted 3 days ago

    Bo Dallas

    Thank you. But you also are a troll at the best.
    (And why are you trying to ruin my bleacherreport gimmick? PS Bo can be a top star if he BOlieve.)

  • Bo Dallas posted 3 days ago

    Bo Dallas

    You bloody BOstard. You think I suck. You are the one who suck.

  • Mrs.Rollins posted 3 days ago


    Daniel Bryan isn't overrated nor does he suck. My family and I love the guy. My little niece especially who is VERY sick loves Bryan. When she was staying in the hospital and we wanted to do something special for her, all she wanted to do was meet Daniel Bryan so we got her tickets to Summerslam 13 and AXXESS and Daniel Bryan gave her a big hug and words of encouragement plus a free YES! shirt. He is truly amazing inside the ring and outside. My niece was SO thrilled that she looked great to be as sick as she is. She lit up like the morning sun. His mic skills as a heel and before that were awesome but he has fallen flat this run unless its against Steph but he has earned every great thing that has happened. He rose through the ranks and worked hard, nit everyone is able to get big and muscular like HHH. Its not about size but about the heart which is what I also tell my niece and my six children. Midget is a very offensive word to short people and dwarves themselves. Thank you!

  • BOliever posted 4 days ago


    I got to admit that meme was pretty good. The reason I like Bo is because he makes me laugh my ass off all the damn time. Thanks for the comments on the rest of the list though.

  • BOliever posted 4 days ago


    You must BOlieve in Daniel Bryan!

  • Lady Ravenclaw posted 13 days ago

    Lady Ravenclaw

    Lol don't get mad and spread lies, get happy and BOlieve!

  • Alex Riley is the best 2.0 posted 14 days ago

    Alex Riley is the best 2.0

    Lmfao @ dat pic

  • Le'Veon Bell posted 15 days ago

    Le'Veon Bell

    Bryan is pretty damn annoying, just like Ambrose.

  • God of Wrestling posted 16 days ago

    God of Wrestling

    And how does it stack up against yours? :P

  • Lady Ravenclaw posted 16 days ago

    Lady Ravenclaw

    Just like with Cena haters/detractors by talking about someone that you don't like, you're making them more relevant in the process. I would never waste my precious time on making a '"Miz Sucks" page whilst providing YouTube videos because I actually have a life and know how to move on, Mr. Straw.