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Rex Williams was born on the 19th of October 1975 in the early hours of the morning. He lived with his mom and dad until he was only 8 when they divorced and his mom moved out. They continued to see each other even though they no longer lived together. He attended the University of Glasgow and married at the young age of 19. He and his wife both made a living as owners of a booming financial company. They made a good living and found life better abroad. They moved to America and live in the state of Florida for many years. While his life was changing by the day, Rex kept one thing the same throughout, his passion for Professional Wrestling. He met many of his favourite wrestlers throughout his career and remains in touch with some. He has dreamed to build his own promotion with his wife, but sadly she died before they could. They had been married 9 years when she passed away. Now, aged 35, Rex is starting to look more positively on life and continues to divide his time between Scotland and America, receiving the best of both cultures!

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    The Revival Of a Wrestling Tradition:

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