Carolyn Spitkitty

Carolyn Spitkitty


Carolyn is an avid baseball, wrestling and Nascar fan. She's a lifelong baseball fan; her early teams being the New York Yankees and Oakland A's and later the Los Angeles Dodgers. Her first memory is at 3 years old being at a Yankee/Oakland game, cheering on her favorite Yankee, Don Mattingly. As she got older, she branched out to the Dodgers after hearing about a catcher in their minor league system, Mike Piazza. Her dedication is second to none: owning tons of cars, memorabilia, and an extensive collection of baseball games on tape....over 5,000!

Watching wrestling was her other childhood love and her knowledge of it's history is untouchable. Get he going and she could talk your ear off for hours! (She's been known to do it.)

A New York girl liking Nascar? How does that happen? Thanks to attending broadcasting school in northern Jersey, she was introduced to the sport. It took her a few years to understand the spot but once she did, it was done. She was hooked! Her favorite driver is Tony Stewart and don't DARE mention Lowe's to her. She may just explode!

Carolyn is also an avid animal lover and activist, a huge music freak and also a movie buff. She also loves to dance and smile! However, you will usually find her enjoying a good baseball game, old-school wrestling event or a Nascar race!

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