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Julius Porter

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The late great Ernest Hemingway once wrote - "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." Those words of humility are something I aspire to live by more each day. I was born and raised in poverty in the former industrial and cultural mecca turned nationally looked down upon metropolis of Detroit, Michigan. Being bi-racial in a predominantly african-american city, I always lived and saw life in the eyes of a underdog in an underdog city. I jumped from neighborhood to neighborhood before me and my family settled in the 8 Mile corridor of southwest Warren, an outskirt suburb. I graduated with honors from Warren Fitzgerald High School in 2008. Sports were always important to me. I was a talented basketball player but not talented enough to ever go far. I dipped my fingers in a year of Division III basketball but I was too slow to play guard and too small to play forward. Since then other than recreational, I study sports and its history and its connections to life. I joined the US Army in 2009, and have served two combat tours, one of which I am a month into now. My lifelong dream though, has always been to become a journalist and my beautiful wife Daniela finally persuaded me that I should began pursuit of this dream for my own personal happiness. This is where I begin.

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