Hustletown aka the Clutch

Hustletown aka the Clutch

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Being born and raised in Houston, I've come to love the city with such a passion, spit on all those who have bad opinions, and wayward intentions upon this great city. Living amongst the ghettoes have even solidified Houston as forever my hometown. Watching the Rockets do the back to back in heroic fashion is the only highlights we have thus far. With the emergence of the Texans and the youngs at the plate for the Astros, I'd say the future is looking bright for us. I would ask all the doubters to come join in our triumphs as a city, but with the train leaving the station, there's just no room for haters. Better luck next time. From the Die Hards of Houston, let me be the 1st to say; "I'm proud to be a Texan."

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