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I was born in and grew up in Kentucky. I ended up attending the University of Kentucky, where I earned two degrees and am working on a third. In my many years on this Earth, I have become a huge sports fan. I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan thanks to my grandfather, for if I had chosen a different team, I would have been disowned. I am a Detroit Pistons fan because I started paying close attention to the NBA in 2004, when Tayshaun Price had that epic block on Reggie Miller to go to the Finals, where they beat the Lakers, and have been cheering for them ever since. I am a Cincinnati Bengals fan for no particular reason, but if at any point you doubt my commitment to anything--realize that I stuck with my team for decades as they wallowed in terribleness.

Above all, however, I am a Kentucky Wildcats fan. I've held season tickets to Commonwealth Stadium from the age of 8, and I attended every basketball game possible in college. I even drove all the way to Syracuse to watch the Cats play. I love sports. That's about all you need to know.

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