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Nick Perri
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Nick Perri

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  • Jeff D Gorman posted 1583 days ago

    Jeff D Gorman

    Thanks for signing up as a fan, Nick!

  • karl S posted 1586 days ago

    karl  S

    I played, coached and managed in Professional, College and HS baseball. Most of my life was spent around sports as I grew up in a family that was season ticket holders for Rangers and Giants. I developed a strong career in sales and marketing. I was fortunate to develop radio sports talk show in the SE that was number one in a secondary market and a lead in to Jim Rome. I have been on Rome show and others and also am a published author and have been a part time contributor as a sports columinist for several SE newspapers. I presently am a consultant to Publicly owned companies and do speaking and consulting for these companies. I have learned that the need to be liked is a major detriment to success in the business world as well as in athletics. You have to be strong in your opinions and you have to hold your position. Of course you need to become an authority thorugh hard work and study. You need to know your subject better than anyone else and then you need to make people sense you are an authority. Kepp working hard but please upgrade the background work as we both know you are not doing enough homework, Thx Karl

  • karl S posted 1586 days ago

    karl  S

    Hey Nick, obviously you are willing to do the work, now make your enthusiasm count for something. To get the career you want you need to differentiate yourself from others. Don't accept fluff to be purposeful work. In order to develop your own opinions you need to do the homework and develop your own unique perspective. That will take you a long ways and yes many will disagree with your perspective, those are your following, as those who agree create a small base, it is the dissenters that create your career.

  • Zach W. posted 1615 days ago

    Zach W.

    Thought you might like these links. Hockey's Future is a great website for ranking prospects. So far this year they have ranked prospects 10-50 in the entire league. Krieder is 23rd. Grachev 38th. Stepan 42nd. Check it out.

  • Will Radie posted 1627 days ago

    Will Radie


    I still became a fan, but almost didnt just for that... lol.

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 1648 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome Nick! I am happy that you were pleased. Keep up the good work!

  • Mr. Controversy posted 1677 days ago

    Mr. Controversy

    hey nick, i like ur writing, hope u dont mid but just gonna give u one bit of help. not that i am the best guy to do that lol. just something u mght not be noticing. u repeat your self alot in your articles. try not to do that so much and u will shorten the article as well as inprove it. i get cuaght up a lot in what i am writing and do the same as well. so i figures i let u know. i do it to as i said, no biggy, just thought i'd help.