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I ma first and foremost a college football fan - I root for the SEC and my team is Alabama. Unlike a lot of fans I have the ability to put my Crimson glasses aside and see things as they are. Though I do also call boas against them when I see it... I also recognize when they don't play to their potential. I was raised in the "act like you've been there" era of Alabama football. So I root for my team.. not against yours. I will discuss the game with anyone - but I don't generally take part in trash talk. I lived through the elation of the 70's and the heartbreak of the new millennium and probation. I love my team, I love my sport. I guess that would make me not your average female.... :) In the off season I do things like read, hang out in, on and near the water, listen to a lot of music and peruse recruiting and spring analyses. I follow other sports but none as passionately as I follow college football. I watch the NFL but mostly to see how our alum are doing. Not a lot more to say about me... I guess if you're that fascinated you can write and ask :)

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