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  • Hawks BiggestFan posted 982 days ago

    Hawks BiggestFan

    dude marlins have the worst owner in sports.

  • Hawks BiggestFan posted 993 days ago

    Hawks BiggestFan

    marlins suck. #jeffmathisgotrepleasedbysalty

  • Long gone posted 993 days ago

    Long gone serious plz, even though you are a beanie ball be serious.

  • Long gone posted 996 days ago

    Long gone

    Thanks. B.J. Upton and Dan Uggla are holding up.

    We need to trade one of them to somewhere like the Astros.


    My trade:
    Pittsburgh gets:
    Dan Uggla
    Christhian Bettencourt

    Atlanta gets:
    Jose Tabata
    Michael McKenry
    Alan Hanson

    Why Pittsburgh does it:
    They trade a fast but has no power 2B in Tabata for homerun hitter Uggla, they get a back-up catcher in Bettencourt.

    Why ATL does it:
    They trade a swing and a miss guy in Uggla for a base hit master in Tabata, Michael McKenry could be our 3rd backup catcher if Gattis/Laird gets hurt, he`ll be the second. And also Alan Hanson improves our bullpen.

    Your thoughts on this possibility trade?

  • Long gone posted 997 days ago

    Long gone

    Looks like Saltalamacchia will replace the master Jeff Mathis.

    But the Marlins are doing a great job in the free agency.

  • Randy Moss posted 1010 days ago

    Randy Moss

    Ahh...that's too bad. Well, keep up the good work!

  • Randy Moss posted 1013 days ago

    Randy Moss

    Actually I don't think you got blocked. It was just a computer glitch on the B/r server. The same thing happened to me and I got it fixed.

  • Randy Moss posted 1014 days ago

    Randy Moss

    Hi. Are you the original MARLINS.?