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  • Matt Barger posted 1880 days ago

    Matt Barger

    Because this is a MLS soccer article I figured:

    a) you'd like it, and

    b) it desperately needs shameless promotion

    Support your local MLS team this Saturday and let me know what you think:

  • Matt Barger posted 1882 days ago

    Matt Barger

    Brandon -

    A different take on Onyewu's "celebrated" move to AC Milan. If you could give it a read and leave your thoughts, I'd definitely appreciate it.

    And what do you think about the possible Dempsey/Mike Bradley move to Everton? Though it's only Soccer by Ives who has that report right now...

  • Lars Hanson posted 1886 days ago

    Lars Hanson David Beckham to the Seattle Sounders FC, Check it out

  • Matt Barger posted 1888 days ago

    Matt Barger

    Yeah. America is too big for derbies, unfortunately. With the USL sides getting promotion to the MLS, I think the next step in American soccer though is integrating USL's promortion-relegation system with MLS.

    Also, Part 3 is up. I would definitely appreciate it if you gave part 3 (the official GC prediction) a read and left your thoughts:

    First attempt at a slide show.

  • Matt Barger posted 1889 days ago

    Matt Barger

    Thanks for the fan add, Brian. I'm glad you like my stuff.

    It's a shame you support the Crew though. :-p. SOUNDERS TIL I DIE!

  • Martin Slimcere posted 1889 days ago

    Martin Slimcere

    Thanks for the comment Brandon, I've posted a reply by the way

  • Steven Ho posted 2123 days ago

    Steven Ho

    Hi Brandon. Do you think this could be one of the best matches this season?

  • Stephen Catanese posted 2196 days ago

    Stephen Catanese

    yeah, i've been a member of fulhamusa for a while... i post on the boards occasionally as 'bewareofthesteve'

  • A Dimond posted 2202 days ago

    A Dimond

    No worries Brandon - you can edit your own articles as much as you like! I look forward to seeing more Fulham articles from you, it would certainly be a great addition to the community!


  • Dakota Rubin posted 2210 days ago

    Dakota Rubin

    Hey man, thanks for the add.

    So according to your Bio, the Chicago Fire (due to B McBrides presence) will soon be one of your supported clubs, no?