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Aspiring sports analyst with coaching aspirations. Student of the game. Love analyzing the strategic aspects of sports and the ins and outs of personel moves.

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  • _ _ posted 1237 days ago

    _ _

    Strong possibility of the NFL being diluted in quality, by extending the regular season to 18 games. My solution generates additional league revenue and increased competition, without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the NFL.

    Possible Solution for NFL 18 game Schedule

  • Carl Cockerham posted 1574 days ago

    Carl Cockerham

  • W Chambers posted 1574 days ago

    W Chambers

    Also, look at the comments, where I said particular things about bosh, and look how many of them are coming true

  • W Chambers posted 1574 days ago

    W Chambers

    Just a follow up:
    I wrote these two articles 4 months ago about the heat.
    People bashed me in the comments, including you. Look at the things I predict, it hasnt been edited or anything.

  • Dan Van Wie posted 1583 days ago

    Dan Van Wie

    Elliott: Thanks for the support. Glad that you liked my article regarding the Bills vs Chiefs game. Take care.
    Dan Van Wie

  • Carl Cockerham posted 1621 days ago

    Carl Cockerham

  • Carl Cockerham posted 1623 days ago

    Carl Cockerham

  • Steven Resnick posted 1673 days ago

    Steven Resnick

  • Joseph Edmondson posted 1677 days ago

    Joseph Edmondson

    You should write, Elliott.

  • Brian Carson posted 1678 days ago

    Brian Carson


    Thanks for giving my article a like vote. i appreciate it.