Farooq Hussain

Farooq Hussain


well i am quite good to be silent.
You know few say i play life silently, well may be i do.
But Silentness is my only weapon.
well yet i'am very strong at my heart.
I Don't beg people for the things which i deserve, I fight my way out.
well i don't prefer to lie but sometimes i do say so that things become all right.So people if you really want to feel the pulse of new ideas then "Be My Friend"


I'm a online marketer & my dream and targets of life are to be a one of richest online marketer by age of 27..

SUCCESS is my aim
CHALLENGES is my game
RISK is my passion
PERFECTION is my habit
SMARTNESS is my style
SMILING is my hobby
CONFIDENCE is my power

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