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  • Mike Lar Miller posted 2315 days ago

    Mike Lar Miller

    Go Bucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Lane posted 2318 days ago

    Chris Lane

    What a hater. You must be the most miserable soul on Earth. Keep hating. It is an honorable thing to do as any. If you are not a Michigan fan, you are definitely an SEC follower. Of all of your achievements you have received here at BR, they should also add a trophy for BEST HATER! Go Buckeyes!! O-H I-O
    O-H I-O O-H I-O. Since we all know what team you hate the most, do your readers some justice and announce your favorite team. Until then, I will write,"Boycott and do not reply to any Joe College article" on all comments I write. It may take a while but I'm sure you will be seen as a goat at best when I am done.

    At least I have the decency to write this to just you and not try to practice slander and libel like you.

  • Al Abama posted 2318 days ago

    Al Abama

    You are everything that's wrong with college football. Can you tell me how you're making college football better? You're not. You are spreading hate and negativity, and for what? Because you don't like a team. I will say a prayer for you so that one day you can spread joy like god intended. Roll Tide!

  • Taveus Hawkins posted 2526 days ago

    Taveus Hawkins


  • Nathan Robinson posted 2565 days ago

    Nathan Robinson

    You seem to love to put down Ohio State but the #2 ranked team shows you and your comments up by keeping their ranking throughout the season.

  • Timmy Squared posted 2592 days ago

    Timmy Squared

    Hey Joey CC, you should really change the setup of home page here, maybe move those shiny medals of yours so they are going across the whole page....and make them bigger. Im sure you learned that one in Microsoft Office 101 last quarter.

  • Timmy Squared posted 2592 days ago

    Timmy Squared

    Where do you think your boy Nick Saban learned the game of football?????

    Thats right, the same place Urban Meyer did.....OHIO.

  • Timmy Squared posted 2592 days ago

    Timmy Squared

    I just love this little Joey Community College guy....I cant wait to read another one of your ruby award winning articles about how much better OSU is than any sec team. You are my favorite writer.

  • Timmy Squared posted 2592 days ago

    Timmy Squared have a ruby medal!?!?!, and a sapphire medal?!?!!? wow, how do I get one of them??

  • Timmy Squared posted 2592 days ago

    Timmy Squared

    im just gonna light up your little bleacher report board here, cuz I know you care and its gonna ruin your day