Jerome Yewdall

Jerome Yewdall


I'm a recruitment consultant / wannabe football journalist. I've support Manchester United since the 1990 FA Cup Final. I was nine years old when I and my friend Richard made an agreement that we would support the winning team forever. The strange thing was I secretly wanted Crystal Palace to win because I loved their Red & Blue Barcelona style kit and I was excited by the formidable strike partnership of Mark Bright & Ian Wright. No words can describe how Lee Martin's goal in the replay has affected my life. 11 league titles, 2 European cups, endless list of world class players later, wow, I’ve been blessed.

I'm very conscious being a Manchester United fan is easier in comparison to supporting clubs slumming in it in the lower leagues and bouncing around mid-table in the premiership. Never the less, I'm passionate about my team, I shut off from the world when we lose, and I stick it to Liverpool & City fans when we win, just like anyone else.

I was a season ticket holder last year, sitting right next to the press pit. Maybe this has what has inspired me to start my quest to become a football journalist one day. It was interesting season because the Gold & Green protest against the Glazers was gathering pace so it's was hard to just focus on the football. Old Trafford resembled Carrow Road on steroids by the final game against Stoke City. I’m supposed I’m protesting by not renewing my season ticket, the prices, as with most clubs these days, are extortionate.

Though I will be watching from my armchair, I’ve completely bought into the Manchester United culture, I enjoy fast counter attacking football, I believe its our duty to produce and give opportunities to our young players (just as well at the moment) and I believe in supporting manager when things go against us.

My football hero is Eric Cantona, he had everything a teenage football fan could dream of. Goals, Pace, Strength, Skill, Presence… win or lose, every game he would produce something amazing. In my rose-tinted glasses, any player that calls himself ‘Great’ has to measure up to him, so in that aspect of things I’m not easily impressed. Players in my Hall of Greatness include Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, the Brazilian Ronaldo, Romario, Paul Scholes and Xavi (who I hate, but he’s so damm good), everyone else is just decent, average or poor.

In truth, I enjoy watching any sportsman that wins with passion. I love Lewis Hamilton, he is so such stroppy little man when he loses, I have a lot of admiration for Usain Bolt and Michael Johnson, (the world champion athlete, not the sweaty dude who plays for Manchester City’s reserves). I love Freddy Flintoff because he brings his personality into the middle. Ultimately, I believe sport is about sportsmen entertaining the fans, producing moments of brilliance and over coming the odds. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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